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Re: xmgrace fails, cannot find base type1 fonts

On 2018-03-12 10:11, Hunter, Kendall wrote:
> I am experiencing the same problem mentioned in this post<>: xmgrace fails on cygwin64. It simply doesn't start, even if GRACE_HOME is properly set to /usr/share/grace. I believe I've found a fix for this issue; it is associated with recent changes that have occurred in the urw-base35-fonts package.
> In detail: xmgrace as currently built tries to use the type 1 fonts in /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts. It appears (?) to catalog them using a font mapping contained in one of its configuration files, named appropriately enough, FontDataBase, which sits in /usr/share/grace/fonts. It contains this:
> 14
> Times-Roman             Times-Roman             n021003l.pfb
> Times-Italic            Times-Italic            n021023l.pfb
> Times-Bold              Times-Bold              n021004l.pfb
> Times-BoldItalic        Times-BoldItalic        n021024l.pfb
> Helvetica               Helvetica               n019003l.pfb
> Helvetica-Oblique       Helvetica-Oblique       n019023l.pfb
> Helvetica-Bold          Helvetica-Bold          n019004l.pfb
> Helvetica-BoldOblique   Helvetica-BoldOblique   n019024l.pfb
> Courier                 Courier                 n022003l.pfb
> Courier-Oblique         Courier-Oblique         n022023l.pfb
> Courier-Bold            Courier-Bold            n022004l.pfb
> Courier-BoldOblique     Courier-BoldOblique     n022024l.pfb
> Symbol                  Symbol                  s050000l.pfb
> ZapfDingbats            ZapfDingbats            d050000l.pfb
> The font files - the files listed in the rightmost column of this file - seem to belong in the urw-base35-fonts package, indeed this package search<> finds them there. However they aren't there anymore. They have been renamed and are now in /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35/ under the following names (thanks to Ken Brown):
> NimbusRoman-Regular.t1
> NimbusRoman-Italic.t1
> NimbusRoman-Bold.t1
> NimbusRoman-BoldItalic.t1
> NimbusSans-Regular.t1
> NimbusSans-Italic.t1
> NimbusSans-Bold.t1
> NimbusSans-BoldItalic.t1
> NimbusMonoPS-Regular.t1
> NimbusMonoPS-Italic.t1
> NimbusMonoPS-Bold.t1
> NimbusMonoPS-BoldItalic.t1
> StandardSymbolsPS.t1
> D050000L.t1
> I tried changing the FontDataBase file to list these names instead, but that had no effect. So I:
>   *   Removed the old symbolic link /usr/share/grace/fonts/type1, which pointed to /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts.
>   *   Created a new one that pointed to /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35.
>   *   Within urw-base35, I symlinked each old name to the new name (e.g. n021003l.pfb -> NimbusRoman-Regular.t1, and so on for all 14 fonts).
> After doing this, xmgrace fired up no problem. So the package could be rebuilt with awareness of the new font location and names, and a fix for now is to simply relink its font directory and link these names as above.

Grace project considers it a downstream distro issue:

Detailed analysis, workarounds, and patches for Fedora are at:

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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