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RE: setup -g ???

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Lee wrote:
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: Jon Turney
> > Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 15:26:27 +0000
> > Subject: Re: Problem running the latest python2-2.7.14-1 under AppVeyor
> > To: The Cygwin Mailing List <>
> > 
> > On 03/11/2017 14:45, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> > > Our build has started on AppVeyor, a continuous integration provider,
> > > started failing since a couple of days as a makefile command running a
> > > Python script started failing with exit code 127 without any more
> > > information. This is a strange situation as I can't reproduce the
> > > problem locally, but something definitely seems to be wrong with this
> > > package on the AppVeyor machine as Python just doesn't seem to be
> > > executable, e.g. the output of these commands in our batch file
> > driving the build:
> > 
> > Perhaps you need to provide the -g (--upgrade-also) flag to cygwin's
> > setup.
> > 
> > Due to setup terribleness, without this flag, it will install the
> > requested packages, and any missing dependencies of them, but not
> > upgrade any of the dependencies which are already installed to the
> > current (and perhaps needed) version...
> > 
> > See also [1].
> > 
> > [1]
> Should we still be using the -g (--upgrade-also) flag on setup?

I believe so (or at least hope so). I think it's the case that setup should now know to upgrade a dependency if you install a new package which requires a newer version of it, but I hope that's not become the same as setup effectively acting with --upgrade-also every time you run it (that would be a real nuisance, unless the entire Cygwin package universe is going to be recompiled on every new Cygwin release).


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