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Re: cygcheck-dep and _obsolete packages

On 15/03/2018 18:21, Mikhail Usenko via cygwin wrote:
On Wed, 28 Feb 2018 22:57:05 +0100
Marco Atzeri <...> wrote:

Hi Mikhail,

as latest setup skips the installation of _obsolete packages
can you adjust the behaviour of cygcheck-dep to ignore
the false warning ?

/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep: WARNING: broken dependencies:
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   installed package 'cygwin/xorg-server-devel'
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   depends on the following required packages that are
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   not installed; these dependencies will be discarded
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep: ( fontsproto inputproto kbproto presentproto
randrproto renderproto resourceproto scrnsaverproto xextproto
xf86bigfontproto xineramaproto xproto )

Hello, Marco
I will change the script (along with dropping cygwinports support).
At present cygcheck-dep prints out exactly what setup.ini claims about
what the package is requiring, and as per I have understood, now setup.exe
does not install requisites from the _obsolete category, using instead
the packages by which they are obsoleted.

Just to be clear, the category is irrelevant here, it's the fact that xorgproto obsoletes these packages that is significant.

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