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Re: cygstart does not pass correct ssh login to rsync

On 17/03/2018 23:51, John tel wrote:
Thanks for your reply.
I can see what you are asking this question.

Well, ultimately I need to run cygstart with the --hide flag because I want to start this in a hidden window.


bottom post here (and trim your reply please), using that will have immediately noticed you replied to your mail and not to mine.

The difference between running ssh from shell and with cygstart
is that cygstart asks windows to do it and so the new process loses
the environment link with the running shell.

Pstree shows the cygstart process on new arms


You can see the differences running

 cygstart mintty
 cygstart mintty -

and than using `set` for both terminal.
In the first case the process is not starting a login shell (the - for mintty) and the two environments are slight different.

For what you are trying to do, you could use cygstart to run a login shell that executes the ssh command.


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