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Re: output warning for cygwin process running at setup__.exe

Greetings, Brian Inglis!

> On 2018-03-18 20:56, Andrey Repin wrote:
>>>>> On cygwin setup, one has to kill cygwin process to execute autorebase 
>>>>> in the end of setup process. I think it is better to output warning at
>>>>> start stage setup if cygwin process running.

>>> Sorry for my inadequate description.
>>> At postinstall stage, cygwin setup execute
>>> /etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash,
>>> this sometimes fails when Cygwin process(es) is(are) alive.
>>> Acooding to,
>>> we have to kill or stop cygwin porcesses and sevices before rebase.
>>> This is why I propose that warning messages in pre-install stage in cygwin setup.
>> Sounds about right.
>> If there's an existing Cygwin install, it is possible to run ps.exe and see if
>> it find any running Cygwin processes before attempting an update.

> If there's not an existing Cygwin install, you don't really have to worry too
> much about Cygwin processes running. ;^>


> The docs all recommend killing all Cygwin processes *before* running setup, as
> setup can not replace running exes and active dlls during the installation
> phase, before postinstall rebase of replaced dlls.

> If setup can not replace any exe or dll, it warns you have to restart your
> system to complete the replacement. After the restart, you then have to rerun
> setup with no Cygwin processes running to successfully rebase replaced dlls.

The problem is, not all packages are prepared to deal with locked shared
objects (in truth, none are).
Which may leave system in an inconsistent state even after reboot.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, March 19, 2018 07:01:13

Sorry for my terrible english...

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