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Re: output warning for cygwin process running at setup__.exe

----- Original Message -----

> From: Andrey Repin 
> To: Brian Inglis ; cygwin
> Cc: 
> Date: 2018/3/19, Mon 13:02
> Subject: Re: output warning for cygwin process running at setup__.exe
>G reetings, Brian Inglis!
>>  On 2018-03-18 20:56, Andrey Repin wrote:
>>>>>>  On cygwin setup, one has to kill cygwin process to execute 
> autorebase 
>>>>>>  in the end of setup process. I think it is better to output 
> warning at
>>>>>>  start stage setup if cygwin process running.
>>>>  Sorry for my inadequate description.
>>>>  At postinstall stage, cygwin setup execute
>>>>  /etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash,
>>>>  this sometimes fails when Cygwin process(es) is(are) alive.
>>>>  Acooding to, 
>>>>  we have to kill or stop cygwin porcesses and sevices before rebase.
>>>>  This is why I propose that warning messages in pre-install stage in 
> cygwin setup.
>>>  Sounds about right.
>>>  If there's an existing Cygwin install, it is possible to run ps.exe 
> and see if
>>>  it find any running Cygwin processes before attempting an update.
>>  If there's not an existing Cygwin install, you don't really have to 
> worry too
>>  much about Cygwin processes running. ;^>
> Yes.
>>  The docs all recommend killing all Cygwin processes *before* running setup, 
> as
>>  setup can not replace running exes and active dlls during the installation
>>  phase, before postinstall rebase of replaced dlls.
>>  If setup can not replace any exe or dll, it warns you have to restart your
>>  system to complete the replacement. After the restart, you then have to 
> rerun
>>  setup with no Cygwin processes running to successfully rebase replaced 
> dlls.
> The problem is, not all packages are prepared to deal with locked shared
> objects (in truth, none are).
> Which may leave system in an inconsistent state even after reboot.
Sever survice like cygsever always start after windows re-start if it is registered.
So restart does not always kill cygwin processes.
I do not want to force to  kill cygwin process by setupXX.exe but output the warning.

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