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GitForWindows vs. Cygwin

Can anyone enlighten me about the relationship of "Git for Windows" to

I have no intention to use GFW myself: I use Cygwin git.  But now other people
around here are discovering GitHub, MSysGit and or GitForWindows.  Pretty
soon, we are going to wind up with multiple git flavors installed on the same
host, which worries me.

I know that MSysGit is basically a stale fork of Cygwin.  I tried it a long
time ago (during a period when the git in Cygwin was not getting updated
often), and it caused me trouble.  As I recall, the bash in it was only v3,
and I was used to v4, and some of my scripts didn't run right, and MSysGit
messed up my HOME dir.  Anyhow, I got rid of MSysGit.  And now that the git in
Cygwin is keeping current, I am quite content.

But now I hear of this GitForWindows thing.  Which seems to have replaced
MSysGit, with a GUI thrown in.  But is it _still_ a stale fork of Cygwin, or a
fork at all?  Is it descended from MSysGit?  I have been googling all over,
but not finding good answers.

I just want to watch out for the damn thing, and try to keep it away...

Karl Botts,

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