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Re: GitForWindows vs. Cygwin

KARL BOTTS writes:
> I have no intention to use GFW myself: I use Cygwin git.  But now other people
> around here are discovering GitHub, MSysGit and or GitForWindows.  Pretty
> soon, we are going to wind up with multiple git flavors installed on the same
> host, which worries me.

As long as you keep the program versions reasonably up-to-date
w.r.t. each other and have a strict policy about CRLF handling in place
things should work OK.  You also need to worry more about having
sensible ACL on the repositories and keeping them sane.  Mixing these
two (POSIX vs. Windows way of things) does give you more rope to
entangle yourself in, so you need to know what you're doing when you
veer off the well-trodden path.  It helps to test a few things on
something easily discardable before you have a go at production repos.

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