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Re: umask not working?

David Allsopp writes:
>> You have extended ACL on the object. And overall, umask is not a good
>> idea in Windows.
> "umask is not a good idea in Windows" - where's that come from?

Ask three people and get at least seven answers.

Actually Windows is a red herring IMHO, it's the combination of umask
with DACL is the thing that doesn't mix well unless you keep it in a
very tight box.  In your case, if you'd just remove the DACL from the
directories your repo is in (and any files and directories below
assuming that the ownership is the same for all of them) it'll probably
immediately start working as you expect it to.  Depending on which
volume the directory is actually on and what WIndows software tries to
touch it you might find that some of these come back after a while, I
generally avoid any system volume for that reason.

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