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Re: texlive-collection-basic requires Perl to be removed

On Sat, 24 Mar 2018 09:07:10, Jordan Geoghegan wrote:
I am writing this from an OpenBSD machine. I can indeed confirm that Perl is in the base sytem.

thanks for the email. however i think we may have a pot-kettle situation here,
so allow me to illuminate you. just because you are on an OpenBSD machine, and
you have Perl, doesnt mean that Perl is in the base system. You could have
installed OpenBSD long ago, which didnt have Perl in Base, then installed Perl
at some point, giving you the illusion that Perl is in the Base system. The only
way to know for sure, would be to do a clean OS install, or to load a live
version in a virtual machine, as I did. Since you didnt specify, I have to
assume you did neither.

Those pages you reference don't show every program in the base system


they merely show the install file sets.

Wrong. The FreeBSD page contains virtual hard disk files (.vhd), and the OpenBSD
page contains virtual optical disk files (.iso).

You obviously have little experience with *BSD, please don't trumpet misinformation if you don't know what you're talking about.

I would say the same to you. good day.

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