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Industrial routers with high?performance-price ratio and multiple functions

Dear Sir or Madam,

If you're on the market for industrial routers, It will be glad to tell you that we can meet all of your requirements .

Our company name is Xiamen Ursalink Technology Co,We are the manufacturer specializing on designing and producing M2M/IoT hardware and solutions. 

The features of our products£º

    1. High-availability LTE/WCDMA/GSM connection
    2. Automated fail-over between Ethernet and cellular (dual SIMs).
    3. IPsec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, L2TP, GRE, PPTP for safety communication.
    4. Ultra-reliable and secure data transmission via  Gigabit Ethernet ports.
    5. Fully integrated into Microsoft Auzure IoT eco-system, easily to be build an IoT solution. 
    6. Python & Ursalink SDK (Python 2.7/C) for secondary development.
    7. Free 3-year warranty 
    8. No additional license fee (All-in-one system)
    9. It can work as Modbus Master to send alerts by SMS.
    10. It support TCP2COM protocol to integrate with SCADA system. 
    ... ...
Such a high performance-price ratio, with multiple functions, and high security router is your best choice,isn¡¯t  it?

To get more information£¬you can click here  or visit .

More details will be available on receipt of your reply.

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