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Re: configure script fails during install (Setup Ver 2.897 (64 bit))

Am 04.11.2019 um 02:06 schrieb Lawrence Clooney:
> Error Message:
> checking whether to use NLS... no
> checking for initscr in -lncurses... yes
> checking ncurses.h usability... yes
> checking ncurses.h presence... yes
> checking for ncurses.h... yes
> checking for Berkeley DB db.h version >= 4.1 ... no (version numbers not found)
> configure: error: Berkeley DB db.h is missing or has incompatible version

No, that does not mean that the configure script failed.  It means the
configure script determined that your build machine lacks some
capabilities this program needs, and thus refused to continue.  As
that's exactly what the script is supposed to do, it cannot be qualified
as a failure.

You will have to install the required packages to satisfy that
dependency.  In the case at hand, that would be libdb-devel (current
version 5.3.28-2).

What did fail here is either the sequence of instructions you followed
(because they really should have told you to install that package), or
your following of same (if they did tell you, but you didn't).

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