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--enable-auto-image-base with argument on 64-bit


Some years ago Christopher Faylor added a feature [1] to binutils so
that the --enable-auto-image-base argument to ld can take an optional
argument (specifying the minimum base address).

This was applied for 32-bit, but there is a separate template file for
64-bit [2] which (deceptively, despite the documentation, and some
hair loss ;) ignores this optional argument, which it turns out I
actually need for some reason.

I could submit a patch to binutils or Christopher can if he's reading
and feels like it.  I just wanted to point this out, since I actually
needed this feature and was very grateful to find it (even if broken).

In the meantime I'm working around this by re-implementing binutils'
compute_dll_image_base function and using the explicit --image-base



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