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src/gdb ChangeLog block.c block.h ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2003-09-11 19:49:22

Modified files:
	gdb            : ChangeLog block.c block.h 
	                 c-typeprint.c cp-namespace.c cp-support.c 
	                 cp-support.h dwarf2read.c gdbtypes.c gdbtypes.h 
	                 jv-lang.c objfiles.c objfiles.h printcmd.c 
	                 symfile.c symfile.h typeprint.c 
	gdb/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
	gdb/testsuite/gdb.cp: maint.exp namespace.exp 

Log message:
	2003-09-11  David Carlton  <>
	* gdbtypes.h: Add TYPE_CODE_NAMESPACE.
	* gdbtypes.c (init_type): Handle TYPE_CODE_NAMESPACE.
	(recursive_dump_type): Ditto.
	* printcmd.c (print_formatted): Ditto.
	* typeprint.c (print_type_scalar): Ditto.
	* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_varspec_prefix): Ditto.
	(c_type_print_varspec_suffix, c_type_print_base): Ditto.
	* cp-support.h: Declare cp_check_possible_namespace_symbols,
	* cp-support.c: Make maint_cplus_cmd_list extern.
	* cp-namespace.c: Include objfiles.h, gdbtypes.h, dictionary.h,
	(lookup_symbol_file): Look in possible namespace blocks when
	(initialize_namespace_symtab): New.
	(get_possible_namespace_block, free_namespace_block)
	(lookup_possible_namespace_symbol, maintenance_cplus_namespace)
	(_initialize_cp_namespace): Ditto.
	* block.h: Declare allocate_block.
	* block.c (allocate_block): New.
	* jv-lang.c (get_java_class_symtab): Allocate blocks via
	* symfile.h: Update declaration of add_psymbol_to_list.
	* symfile.c (add_psymbol_to_list): Return the partial symbol in
	* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Add argument to
	(scan_partial_symbols): Add NAMESPACE argument; update calls to
	helper functions.
	(add_partial_symbol): If necessary, scan mangled names for names
	of namespaces.
	(add_partial_namespace): Add NAMESPACE argument; generate partial
	symbols associated  to namespaces.
	(add_partial_enumeration): Add NAMESPACE argument.
	(new_symbol): Allow namespace syms.
	(read_namespace): Generate namespace syms.
	* objfiles.h: Add opaque declaration of struct symtab.
	(struct objfile): Add cp_namespace_symtab member.
	* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Set
	* (cp-namespace.o): Depend on objfiles_h, gdbtypes_h,
	dictionary_h, command_h.
	2003-09-11  David Carlton  <>
	* gdb.c++/namespace.exp: Add tests for namespace types.
	* gdb.c++/maint.exp (test_help): Test 'help maint cp namespace'.
	(test_namespace): New.


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