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src/gdb ChangeLog NEWS ada-valprin ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2007-01-03 18:05:45

Modified files:
	gdb            : ChangeLog NEWS ada-valprint.c 
	                 arm-tdep.c c-lang.h c-typeprint.c c-valprint.c 
	                 cp-abi.c cp-abi.h cp-valprint.c dwarf2read.c 
	                 eval.c f-typeprint.c gdbarch.c gdbarch.h 
	        gdbtypes.c gdbtypes.h gnu-v3-abi.c 
	                 hpread.c ia64-tdep.c infcall.c m2-typeprint.c 
	                 m2-valprint.c mips-tdep.c p-lang.h 
	                 p-typeprint.c p-valprint.c stabsread.c 
	                 typeprint.c valops.c value.c value.h varobj.c 
	gdb/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
	gdb/testsuite/gdb.cp: classes.exp inherit.exp 
	                      member-ptr.exp printmethod.exp 

Log message:
	* NEWS: Mention pointer to member improvements.
	* (gnu-v3-abi.o): Delete special rule.
	(eval.o, gnu-v3-abi.o, ia64-tdep.o): Update.
	* ada-valprint.c (ada_print_scalar): Update for new type codes.
	* c-typeprint.c (c_print_type): Update for new type codes.
	(c_type_print_varspec_prefix, c_type_print_varspec_suffix)
	(c_type_print_base): Likewise.
	(c_type_print_args): Rewrite.
	* c-valprint.c (c_val_print): Update for new type codes.  Remove
	support for references to members.  Treat methods like functions.
	* cp-abi.c (cplus_print_method_ptr, cplus_method_ptr_size)
	(cplus_make_method_ptr, cplus_method_ptr_to_value): New.
	* cp-abi.h (cplus_print_method_ptr, cplus_method_ptr_size)
	(cplus_make_method_ptr, cplus_method_ptr_to_value): New prototypes.
	(struct cp_abi_ops): Add corresponding members.
	* cp-valprint.c (cp_print_class_method): Delete.
	(cp_find_class_member): New function.
	(cp_print_class_member): Use it.  Simplify support for bogus
	member pointers.
	* dwarf2read.c (quirk_gcc_member_function_pointer): Use
	(read_tag_ptr_to_member_type): Likewise, and lookup_memberptr_type.
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Implement EVAL_SKIP for
	OP_SCOPE.  Update call to value_aggregate_elt.  Rewrite member
	pointer support.
	(evaluate_subexp_for_address): Handle OP_SCOPE explicitly.  Handle
	references returned by user defined operators.
	* f-typeprint.c (f_print_type, f_type_print_varspec_prefix)
	(f_type_print_varspec_suffix): Remove support for member pointers.
	* gdbtypes.c (lookup_memberptr_type): Renamed from lookup_member_type
	and adjusted.
	(smash_to_memberptr_type): Likewise, from smash_to_member_type.
	(lookup_methodptr_type): New.
	(rank_one_type): Adjust for TYPE_CODE_MEMBERPTR.
	(recursive_dump_type): Update for new types.
	* gdbtypes.h (enum type_code): Replace TYPE_CODE_MEMBER with
	(lookup_memberptr_type, lookup_methodptr_type)
	(smash_to_memberptr_type): New prototypes.
	(smash_to_method_type): Formatting fix.
	(lookup_member_type, smash_to_member_type): Delete prototypes.
	* gnu-v3-abi.c (gnuv3_get_vtable, gnuv3_get_virtual_fn): New.
	Do not rely on debug information for the vptr or the method's
	enclosing type.  Handle function descriptors for IA64.
	(gnuv3_virtual_fn_field): Rewrite using the new functions.
	(gnuv3_find_method_in, gnuv3_print_method_ptr)
	(gnuv3_method_ptr_size, gnuv3_make_method_ptr)
	(gnuv3_method_ptr_to_value): New.
	(init_gnuv3_ops): Set new members of gnu_v3_abi_ops.
	* hpread.c (hpread_type_lookup): Update for new types.
	* infcall.c (value_arg_coerce): Likewise.
	* m2-typeprint.c (m2_print_type): Remove explicit support
	for member pointers.
	* m2-valprint.c (m2_val_print): Likewise.
	* p-typeprint.c (pascal_type_print_varspec_prefix)
	(pascal_type_print_varspec_suffix, pascal_type_print_base): Likewise.
	* p-valprint.c (pascal_val_print): Likewise.
	(pascal_object_print_class_method, pascal_object_print_class_member):
	* p-lang.h (pascal_object_print_class_method)
	(pascal_object_print_class_member): Delete prototypes.
	* stabsread.c (read_type): Update for new types.
	* typeprint.c (print_type_scalar): Likewise.
	* valops.c (value_struct_elt_for_reference, value_namespace_elt)
	(value_maybe_namespace_elt, value_aggregate_elt): Add want_address
	argument.  Construct a pointer to member if the address of a
	function or data member is requested.
	(value_cast_pointers): Don't modify the input value.
	(value_cast): Adjust pointer to member handling for new types.
	Allow null pointer to member constants.  Don't modify the input
	(value_ind): Remove pointer to member check.  Handle function
	descriptors for function pointers.
	(value_struct_elt, value_find_oload_method_list, check_field):
	Remove pointer to member checks.
	* value.c (unpack_long): Allow pointers to data members.
	(value_from_longest): Allow member pointers.
	* value.h (value_aggregate_elt): Add want_address.
	* varobj.c (c_variable_editable): Remove check for members.
	* Add vtable_function_descriptors and vbit_in_delta.
	* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_convert_from_func_ptr_addr): Handle descriptors
	in virtual tables.
	(ia64_gdbarch_init): Call set_gdbarch_vtable_function_descriptors.
	* c-lang.h (cp_print_class_method): Delete prototype.
	* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Call set_gdbarch_vbit_in_delta.
	* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Likewise.
	* gdbarch.c, gdbarch.h: Regenerated.
	* gdb.cp/classes.exp (test_pointers_to_class_members): Update expected
	output.  Test the types of members and member pointers.
	* gdb.cp/inherit.exp (test_print_mi_member_types): Remove KFAILs for
	* gdb.cp/member-ptr.exp: Search for a comment instead of a
	statement.  Enable for GCC.  Update expected output for some tests
	and add new tests.  Remove obsolete GCC KFAILs.  Allow GCC's class
	* gdb.cp/ (Padding, Padding::vspacer, Base, Base::get_x)
	(Base::vget_base, Left, Left::vget, Right, Right::vget, Diamond)
	(Diamond::vget_base): New.
	(main): Add new tests.
	* gdb.cp/printmethod.exp: Update expected output for member functions.
	* gdb.cp/virtfunc.exp (test_virtual_calls): Add a KFAIL for
	print pEe->D::vg().


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