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src/gdb ChangeLog ada-tasks.c aix-thread.c amd ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2012-11-09 19:58:04

Modified files:
	gdb            : ChangeLog ada-tasks.c aix-thread.c 
	                 amd64-linux-nat.c arch-utils.c arm-tdep.c 
	                 auxv.c breakpoint.c bsd-uthread.c corefile.c 
	                 darwin-nat-info.c dcache.c dsrec.c exec.c 
	                 fbsd-nat.c filesystem.c gcore.c gdbarch.c 
	                 gdbarch.h gnu-nat.c 
	                 i386-darwin-nat.c i386-nat.c ia64-vms-tdep.c 
	                 inf-ptrace.c infcmd.c jit.c linux-nat.c 
	                 linux-tdep.c linux-thread-db.c m32r-rom.c 
	                 memattr.c mep-tdep.c microblaze-tdep.c 
	                 mips-linux-nat.c mips-linux-tdep.c mips-tdep.c 
	                 monitor.c moxie-tdep.c nto-procfs.c nto-tdep.c 
	                 ppc-linux-nat.c proc-service.c procfs.c 
	                 progspace.c ravenscar-thread.c record.c 
	                 remote-m32r-sdi.c remote-mips.c remote-sim.c 
	                 remote.c rl78-tdep.c rs6000-nat.c rx-tdep.c 
	                 s390-nat.c sol-thread.c solib-darwin.c 
	                 solib-dsbt.c solib-frv.c solib-ia64-hpux.c 
	                 solib-irix.c solib-pa64.c solib-som.c 
	                 solib-spu.c solib-sunos.c solib-svr4.c solib.c 
	                 spu-linux-nat.c spu-multiarch.c spu-tdep.c 
	                 symfile-mem.c symfile.c symtab.c 
	                 target-descriptions.c target.c target.h 
	                 tracepoint.c windows-nat.c windows-tdep.c 
	gdb/cli        : cli-dump.c 
	gdb/common     : agent.c 
	gdb/mi         : mi-interp.c 
	gdb/python     : py-finishbreakpoint.c py-inferior.c python.c 

Log message:
	* (target_gdbarch): Remove macro.
	(get_target_gdbarch): Rename to target_gdbarch.
	* gdbarch.c, gdbarch.h: Rebuild.
	* ada-tasks.c, aix-thread.c, amd64-linux-nat.c, arch-utils.c,
	arm-tdep.c, auxv.c, breakpoint.c, bsd-uthread.c, corefile.c,
	darwin-nat-info.c, dcache.c, dsrec.c, exec.c, fbsd-nat.c,
	filesystem.c, gcore.c, gnu-nat.c, i386-darwin-nat.c, i386-nat.c,
	ia64-vms-tdep.c, inf-ptrace.c, infcmd.c, jit.c, linux-nat.c,
	linux-tdep.c, linux-thread-db.c, m32r-rom.c, memattr.c,
	mep-tdep.c, microblaze-tdep.c, mips-linux-nat.c,
	mips-linux-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c, monitor.c, moxie-tdep.c,
	nto-procfs.c, nto-tdep.c, ppc-linux-nat.c, proc-service.c,
	procfs.c, progspace.c, ravenscar-thread.c, record.c,
	remote-m32r-sdi.c, remote-mips.c, remote-sim.c, remote.c,
	rl78-tdep.c, rs6000-nat.c, rx-tdep.c, s390-nat.c, sol-thread.c,
	solib-darwin.c, solib-dsbt.c, solib-frv.c, solib-ia64-hpux.c,
	solib-irix.c, solib-pa64.c, solib-som.c, solib-spu.c,
	solib-sunos.c, solib-svr4.c, solib.c, spu-linux-nat.c,
	spu-multiarch.c, spu-tdep.c, symfile-mem.c, symfile.c, symtab.c,
	target-descriptions.c, target.c, target.h, tracepoint.c,
	windows-nat.c, windows-tdep.c, xcoffsolib.c, cli/cli-dump.c,
	common/agent.c, mi/mi-interp.c, python/py-finishbreakpoint.c,
	python/py-inferior.c, python/python.c: Update.


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