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December 31, 2015
04:48 [binutils-gdb] sim: m68hc11: fix default endian Michael Frysinger
02:02 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris/m68hc11: move default endian/alignment to configure Michael Frysinger

December 30, 2015
11:05 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: inline sim_state_initialize Michael Frysinger
11:05 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: simplify h8300_reg_{fetch,store} funcs Michael Frysinger
10:28 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: switch to common sim-resume Michael Frysinger
10:21 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: move default endian/alignment to configure Michael Frysinger
08:36 [binutils-gdb] sim: simplify STATE_MY_NAME setup Michael Frysinger
08:31 [binutils-gdb] sim: arm/d10v/h8300/m68hc11/microblaze/mips/mn10300/moxie/sh/v850: convert to common sim_{fetch, stor Michael Frysinger
08:31 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: move unused/buggy lregs array Michael Frysinger
08:31 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: drop unused inst.h Michael Frysinger
00:18 [binutils-gdb] sim: ppc: track closed state of file descriptors 0, 1, and 2. Michael Frysinger

December 28, 2015
16:21 [binutils-gdb] Use libiberty's crc32 implementation in gdbserver Patrick Palka

December 27, 2015
06:45 [binutils-gdb] sim: aarch64/msp430: fix disassembler usage Michael Frysinger
05:59 [binutils-gdb] sim: unify sim-hload Michael Frysinger
01:39 [binutils-gdb] sim: punt WITH_DEVICES & tconfig.h support Michael Frysinger
00:09 [binutils-gdb] sim: bfin: push down mmr address/size checks Michael Frysinger

December 26, 2015
23:24 [binutils-gdb] sim: bfin: avoid stack error under asan Michael Frysinger
19:46 [binutils-gdb] sim: sim-core: pass down cpu to hw accesses when available Michael Frysinger
16:51 [binutils-gdb] sim: mips: delete mmu stubs to move to common sim_{read, write} Michael Frysinger
13:32 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris: do not pass cpu when writing memory during init Michael Frysinger
12:19 [binutils-gdb] sim: standardize sim_create_inferior handling of argv a bit more Michael Frysinger
12:14 [binutils-gdb] sim: aarch64: move ChangeLog content Michael Frysinger

December 25, 2015
19:38 [binutils-gdb] Document that the PATTERN argument to gdb_test is optional. Sandra Loosemore
18:24 [binutils-gdb] sim: frv: punt WITH_DEVICE support Michael Frysinger
18:10 [binutils-gdb] sim: m32r: migrate from WITH_DEVICES to WITH_HW Michael Frysinger
11:11 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris: migrate from WITH_DEVICES to WITH_HW Michael Frysinger
11:11 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris: clean up rvdummy a bit Michael Frysinger
11:10 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris: set up sane default path to rvdummy Michael Frysinger
10:48 [binutils-gdb] sim: hw-properties: delete trace calls Michael Frysinger
09:50 [binutils-gdb] sim: drop WITH_ENGINE define Michael Frysinger
09:42 [binutils-gdb] sim: sim-model: build for everyone Michael Frysinger
09:26 [binutils-gdb] sim: move MACH/MODEL types into SIM_xxx namespace Michael Frysinger
08:09 [binutils-gdb] sim: arm: delete unused code Michael Frysinger
07:42 [binutils-gdb] sim: move WITH_SCACHE_PBB to sim-main.h Michael Frysinger
07:19 [binutils-gdb] sim: device_error: punt Michael Frysinger
05:30 [binutils-gdb] sim: always enable callback memory Michael Frysinger
05:14 [binutils-gdb] sim: dv-pal: always use CPU_INDEX Michael Frysinger
03:39 [binutils-gdb] sim: mips: delete TARGET_TX3904 define Michael Frysinger
03:32 [binutils-gdb] sim: mips: move SIM_QUIET_NAN_NEGATED to sim-main.h Michael Frysinger
03:10 [binutils-gdb] sim: make LMA loading the default for all targets Michael Frysinger
01:36 [binutils-gdb] sim: cris: move option install to sim_open Michael Frysinger
01:28 [binutils-gdb] sim: delete old breakpoint code Michael Frysinger
01:13 [binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: move h8300-specific options out of common code Michael Frysinger
01:03 [binutils-gdb] sim: enable watchpoint module everywhere Michael Frysinger
00:53 [binutils-gdb] sim: delete SIM_HAVE_FLATMEM support Michael Frysinger
00:41 [binutils-gdb] sim: delete SIM_HAVE_MEM_SIZE Michael Frysinger
00:24 [binutils-gdb] sim: delete SIM_HAVE_SIMCACHE Michael Frysinger

December 24, 2015
05:27 [binutils-gdb] [testsuite/Ada] stop using project files when building test programs Joel Brobecker

December 22, 2015
15:53 [binutils-gdb] Remove HP-UX reference in foll-vfork.exp Simon Marchi
15:29 [binutils-gdb] [lynxos] gdbserver hangs when killing inferior from GDB Joel Brobecker
15:26 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver crash in gdb/gdbserver/thread.c::thread_search_callback Joel Brobecker
15:25 [binutils-gdb] [win32] cannot automatically find executable file [...] warning at GDB startup Joel Brobecker
02:55 [binutils-gdb] Add an expect for running commands with CLI jump Thomas Preud'homme

December 21, 2015
19:39 [binutils-gdb] Remove dead code in testsuite Simon Marchi
17:52 [binutils-gdb] Remove HP-UX references fom testsuite Simon Marchi
16:24 [binutils-gdb] Remove references to HP CC/aCC compiler from testsuite Simon Marchi
13:59 [binutils-gdb] Use arm_eabi_breakpoint on aarch32 Yao Qi
02:56 [binutils-gdb] Minor reformatting fix in gdbtypes.c::create_array_type_with_stride Joel Brobecker

December 20, 2015
15:00 [binutils-gdb] Remove HP-UX reference in testsuite/ Simon Marchi

December 19, 2015
03:34 [binutils-gdb] Fix ARI warning in gdb/arch/arm-get-next-pcs.c Joel Brobecker
01:56 [binutils-gdb] Reset pagination counts even when stdin is not a tty. Sandra Loosemore
01:54 [binutils-gdb] Make prompt_for_continue call throw_quit directly. Sandra Loosemore

December 18, 2015
20:30 [binutils-gdb] Cast to enum bfd_endian in arm_get_next_pcs_read_memory_unsigned_integer Antoine Tremblay
18:40 [binutils-gdb] Add documentation to gdb_compile Simon Marchi
16:44 [binutils-gdb] Enable conditional breakpoints for targets that support software single step in GDBServer Antoine Tremblay
16:44 [binutils-gdb] Enable software single stepping for while-stepping actions in GDBServer Antoine Tremblay
16:44 [binutils-gdb] Support software single step on ARM in GDBServer Antoine Tremblay
16:43 [binutils-gdb] Share regcache function regcache_raw_read_unsigned Antoine Tremblay
16:43 [binutils-gdb] Refactor arm_software_single_step to use regcache Antoine Tremblay
16:43 [binutils-gdb] Share some ARM target dependent code from GDB with GDBServer Antoine Tremblay
16:43 [binutils-gdb] Replace breakpoint_reinsert_addr by get_next_pcs operation in GDBServer Antoine Tremblay

December 17, 2015
15:00 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR threads/19354: "info threads" error with multiple inferiors Pedro Alves
15:00 [binutils-gdb] Remove support for LinuxThreads and vendor 2.4 kernels w/ backported NPTL Pedro Alves
13:08 [binutils-gdb] Fix one heap buffer overflow in aarch64_push_dummy_call Yao Qi

December 16, 2015
23:11 [binutils-gdb] Fix -Wno-unknown-warning support detection Pedro Alves
20:09 [binutils-gdb] [C++] Fix -Winvalid-offsetof warnings with g++ 4.4 Pedro Alves

December 15, 2015
16:12 [binutils-gdb] Tweak gdb.trace/ftrace.exp for aarch64 Yao Qi
13:12 [binutils-gdb] Fix invalid left shift of negative value Andreas Arnez
11:01 [binutils-gdb] Add support for the MRS instruction to the AArch64 simulator. Nick Clifton

December 14, 2015
23:22 [binutils-gdb] Check for readline support in gdb.base/history-duplicates.exp. Sandra Loosemore
23:18 [binutils-gdb] Skip gdb.base/gdbinit-history.exp on remote hosts. Sandra Loosemore
23:14 [binutils-gdb] Skip gdb.base/gdbhistsize-history.exp on remote hosts. Sandra Loosemore
23:04 [binutils-gdb] Skip tests that send ctrl-c to GDB if nointerrupts target property is set. Sandra Loosemore
19:20 [binutils-gdb] Target remote mode fork and exec event documentation Don Breazeal
19:20 [binutils-gdb] Target remote mode fork and exec event support Don Breazeal
19:20 [binutils-gdb] Target remote mode fork and exec test updates Don Breazeal
10:56 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Use TYPE_LENGTH macro Andrew Burgess

December 11, 2015
23:11 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Extend help text for 'list' command. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add an error when 'list -' reaches the start of a file. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: 'list' command, tweak handling of +/- arguments. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Make test names unique in list.exp. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Small code restructure for list_command. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Use NULL instead of 0 for pointer comparison. Andrew Burgess
23:10 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Make lines_to_list variable static. Andrew Burgess
16:21 [binutils-gdb] Remove gdb.base/coremaker2.c Yao Qi
11:20 [binutils-gdb] Understand arm breakpoints in aarch64_breakpoint_at Yao Qi
11:20 [binutils-gdb] Use arm_eabi_breakpoint on aarch32 Yao Qi

December 10, 2015
19:44 [binutils-gdb] Fix regression revealed by corethreads.exp Antoine Tremblay
17:48 [binutils-gdb] [gdb/doc] Explain that there's always a thread Pedro Alves
16:53 [binutils-gdb] [gdb/doc] Remove references to no-longer-supported systems Pedro Alves
16:49 [binutils-gdb] Remove "spaces" references from gdb.multi/base.exp Pedro Alves
16:30 [binutils-gdb] Stop using nowarnings in gdb/testsuite/gdb.multi/ Pedro Alves
15:47 [binutils-gdb] Remove support for thread events without PTRACE_EVENT_CLONE in GDB Antoine Tremblay
11:40 [binutils-gdb] [gdb/doc] Stack, Examining the Stack: Reorder menu Pedro Alves
10:01 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Handle multiple base address in debug_ranges data. Andrew Burgess

December 09, 2015
16:33 [binutils-gdb] dwarf2loc.c: Perform a pointer to address conversion for DWARF_VALUE_MEMORY. Kevin Buettner
16:24 [binutils-gdb] gdb.base/async.exp: Handle "asynchronous execution not supported" Kevin Buettner
13:01 [binutils-gdb] varobj zero-padded hexadecimal format Luis Machado
12:18 [binutils-gdb] Fix wrong output of x87 registers due to truncation to double on amd64 Pedro Alves

December 08, 2015
09:00 [binutils-gdb] DOCO: Enhance the menu to select function overloads with signatures Pierre-Marie de Rodat

December 07, 2015
15:57 [binutils-gdb] Support Z0 packet in AArch64 multi-arch debugging Yao Qi
12:32 [binutils-gdb] Enhance the menu to select function overloads with signatures Pierre-Marie de Rodat
12:01 [binutils-gdb] Add myself as a write-after-approval GDB maintainer Andreas Arnez
10:19 [binutils-gdb] Add support for MSP430 F5 hardware multiply. Nick Clifton

December 06, 2015
17:45 [binutils-gdb] Replace remaining references to i386-nat with x86-nat instead. Joel Brobecker

December 05, 2015
15:36 [binutils-gdb] Document the GDB 7.10.1 release in gdb/ChangeLog Joel Brobecker
15:35 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Bump GDB version number to 7.10.1.DATE-cvs. Joel Brobecker
15:35 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Document the GDB 7.10.1 release in gdb/ChangeLog Joel Brobecker
15:28 [binutils-gdb] Created tag gdb-7.10.1-release Joel Brobecker
15:18 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Set GDB version number to 7.10.1. Joel Brobecker
02:27 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: set ptrace flags after creating inferiors Josh Stone

December 03, 2015
19:03 [binutils-gdb] Remove duplicate arch/arm.h include in linux-arm-low.c. Antoine Tremblay
17:13 [binutils-gdb] Run gdb.base/sizeof.exp with board having gdb, noinferiorio Yao Qi

December 02, 2015
10:27 [binutils-gdb(refs/for/public/siginfo_mpx)] Customize siginfo for ia architecture. Walfred Tedeschi
10:27 [binutils-gdb(refs/for/public/siginfo_mpx)] Revert "Fixup for MPX signal changes." Walfred Tedeschi
10:27 [binutils-gdb(refs/for/public/siginfo_mpx)] Synchronize siginfo type described in GDB with the kernel and glibc ones. Walfred Tedeschi
10:27 [binutils-gdb] Created branch 'public/siginfo_mpx' in namespace 'refs/for' Walfred Tedeschi
09:36 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Fix regression by Do not skip prologue for asm (.S) files Yao Qi

December 01, 2015
17:07 [binutils-gdb] Avoid "operation may be undefined" warning in remote.c Ulrich Weigand
17:06 [binutils-gdb] Fix uninitialized variable warnings in remote.c Ulrich Weigand
12:37 [binutils-gdb] Run gdb.base/disp-step-syscall.exp for aarch64-linux Yao Qi

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