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March 31, 2016
21:40 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Fix C++ build errors in tracepoint.c Marcin
18:38 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Add regression test for PR gdb/19858 (JIT code registration on attach) Pedro Alves
18:38 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Make gdb.base/jit.exp binaries unique Pedro Alves
18:38 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Fix PR gdb/19858: GDB doesn't register the JIT libraries on attach Pedro Alves
18:33 [binutils-gdb] Add regression test for PR gdb/19858 (JIT code registration on attach) Pedro Alves
18:33 [binutils-gdb] Make gdb.base/jit.exp binaries unique Pedro Alves
18:33 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR gdb/19858: GDB doesn't register the JIT libraries on attach Pedro Alves
13:50 [binutils-gdb] gdb/NEWS: Add mention of powerpc*-linux tracepoints. Marcin
13:45 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Add emit_ops for powerpc. Marcin
13:45 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Add powerpc fast tracepoint support. Marcin
13:43 [binutils-gdb] IPA: Add alloc_jump_pad_buffer target hook. Marcin
12:37 [binutils-gdb] python: Use console format for output of gdb.execute command Catalin Udma
12:25 [binutils-gdb] Remove support for "target m32rsdi" and "target mips/pmon/ddb/rockhopper/lsi" Pedro Alves

March 30, 2016
22:02 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/IPA: Export some functions via global function pointers. Marcin
16:04 [binutils-gdb] Check func against 0 rather than NULL Yao Qi
15:45 [binutils-gdb] Add arm epilogue unwinder Yao Qi
15:45 [binutils-gdb] Refactor arm_stack_frame_destroyed_p Yao Qi
15:37 [binutils-gdb] Simplify gdb.reverse/until-reverse.c Yao Qi
14:55 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/tracepoint.c: Remove whitespace Simon Marchi
09:29 [binutils-gdb] Fix more bugs in AArch64 simulator. Nick Clifton
08:33 [binutils-gdb] Move CL entries from gdb/ChangeLog to gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog Yao Qi
06:49 [binutils-gdb] python/py-utils.c (host_string_to_python_string): New function. Doug Evans

March 29, 2016
23:51 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Handle 'v' packet while processing qSymbol. Marcin
23:18 [binutils-gdb] gdb: xtensa: fix frame initialization when PC is invalid Max Filippov
21:40 [binutils-gdb] gdb/NEWS: Add mention of s390*-linux tracepoints. Marcin
21:40 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/s390: Add support for compiled agent expressions. Marcin
21:40 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/s390: Add fast tracepoint support. Marcin
21:40 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/s390: Switch on tracepoint support. Marcin
17:38 [binutils-gdb] 2016-03-29 Don Breazeal <donb at codesourcery dot com> Don Breazeal
13:55 [binutils-gdb] Compile gdb.arch/arm-neon.exp with debug info Yao Qi
10:34 [binutils-gdb] Tidy up AArch64 simulator code. Nick Clifton

March 24, 2016
09:55 [binutils-gdb] Add quotation mark in test message Yao Qi

March 23, 2016
17:38 [binutils-gdb] More AArch64 simulator improvements. Nick Clifton
11:22 [binutils-gdb] Remove comments on software_single_step in Yao Qi

March 21, 2016
10:42 [binutils-gdb] ARM process record: median instructions Yao Qi
10:24 [binutils-gdb] Canonicalize more arm linux syscalls Yao Qi

March 18, 2016
17:09 [binutils-gdb] Fix thinko in new GET_VEC_ELEMENT macro. Nick Clifton
15:02 [binutils-gdb] Make sparc_software_single_step static Yao Qi
14:46 [binutils-gdb] Fix code to check for illegal element numbers when accessing AArch64 vector registers in AArch64 sim Nick Clifton
14:39 [binutils-gdb] [spu] throw error when target_read_memory fails Yao Qi
14:36 [binutils-gdb] Check lwp_signal_can_be_delivered for enqueue/dequeue pending signals Yao Qi
14:32 [binutils-gdb] Set signal to 0 after enqueue_pending_signal Yao Qi
14:28 [binutils-gdb] Remove redundant WIFSTOPPED check Yao Qi
13:09 [binutils-gdb] Remove spurious empty line in changelog entry. Nick Clifton
13:09 [binutils-gdb] Fix generation of as.1 manual page so that it can be converted to DocBook format. Nick Clifton
09:33 [binutils-gdb] Add simulation of MUL and NEG instructions to AArch64 simulator. Nick Clifton

March 17, 2016
22:46 [binutils-gdb] Add mips and s390 build targets for gold. Cary Coutant
17:18 [binutils-gdb] Suggest running gdbserver for a PID in container Jan Kratochvil
10:49 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] btrace: fix PR gdb/19829 Markus Metzger
10:22 [binutils-gdb] PR remote/19496, timeout in forking-threads-plus-bkpt Pedro Alves
09:57 [binutils-gdb] S390: Add syscall info for syscalls up to 374 Andreas Arnez
09:57 [binutils-gdb] S390: Fix output path for s390-multiarch test case Andreas Arnez
09:00 [binutils-gdb] linux-record: Simplify with record_mem_at_reg() Andreas Arnez
09:00 [binutils-gdb] linux-record.c: Fix whitespace issues Andreas Arnez
09:00 [binutils-gdb] linux-record: Fix bad fall-through for pipe/pipe2 Andreas Arnez

March 16, 2016
22:17 [binutils-gdb] PR remote/19496, interrupted syscall in forking-threads-plus-bkpt Don Breazeal
17:31 [binutils-gdb] xml-tdesc.c (tdesc_start_enum): Fix c++ build. Doug Evans
14:57 [binutils-gdb] Process record: Fix arm-linux syscall arguments Yao Qi

March 15, 2016
22:26 [binutils-gdb] PR 18303, Tolerate malformed input for lookup_symbol-called functions Don Breazeal
22:02 [binutils-gdb] Add cole945@ to earlier entry. Fix typo in same entry. Doug Evans
21:44 [binutils-gdb] Add cpsr_flags to aarch64 core regs. Doug Evans
21:42 [binutils-gdb] Remove "end" spec. Doug Evans
21:38 [binutils-gdb] Extend flags to support multibit and enum bitfields. Doug Evans
19:58 [binutils-gdb] Use int instead of LONGEST in tdesc_type sizes. Doug Evans
19:55 [binutils-gdb] maint_print_c_tdesc_cmd: Use type for TYPE_CODE_FLAGS instead of field_type. Doug Evans
19:45 [binutils-gdb] Remove hand-called function from test. Doug Evans
16:39 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Fix PR gdb/19676: Internal error in linux-thread.db.c if /proc not mounted Pedro Alves
16:39 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Fix PR gdb/19676: Disable displaced stepping if /proc not mounted Pedro Alves
16:33 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR gdb/19676: Internal error in linux-thread.db.c if /proc not mounted Pedro Alves
16:33 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR gdb/19676: Disable displaced stepping if /proc not mounted Pedro Alves
11:29 [binutils-gdb] Fix typo in previous gdb/doc/ commit Pedro Alves
11:09 [binutils-gdb] Document possible unreliability of '$_ret' Pedro Alves

March 14, 2016
16:44 [binutils-gdb] gdb.base/default.exp: Add missing $_as_string to "show convenience" test Simon Marchi

March 13, 2016
09:54 [binutils-gdb] gdb/s390: Fill gen_return_address hook. Marcin

March 11, 2016
22:52 [binutils-gdb] gdb: New maint info line-table command. Andrew Burgess
10:04 [binutils-gdb] gdb/s390: Fill pseudo register agent expression hooks. Marcin

March 10, 2016
22:21 [binutils-gdb] Add $_as_string convenience function Simon Marchi

March 09, 2016
20:25 [binutils-gdb] More "Program" -> "Thread NN received signal" testsuite adjustment Pedro Alves
19:11 [binutils-gdb] gdb: fix doc string of target_can_use_hardware_watchpoint. Jose E . Marchesi
18:38 [binutils-gdb] Command line input handling TLC Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Simplify saved_command_line handling Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Use struct buffer in gdb_readline_no_editing_callback Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Use struct buffer in gdb_readline_no_editing Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] gdb_readline -> gdb_readline_no_editing Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Update prompt_for_continue comments Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Eliminate async_annotation_suffix Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] gdb_readline2 -> gdb_readline_no_editing_callback Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Garbage collect window_hook Pedro Alves
18:37 [binutils-gdb] Test issuing a command split in multiple lines with continuation chars Pedro Alves
17:49 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add tracepoint support for powerpc. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace/entry-values.exp: Fixes for powerpc64. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace/tfind.exp: Force call via global entry point on ppc64le. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace/change-loc.exp: Don't depend on tracepoint ordering. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Use manually-defined start labels in unavailable-dwarf-piece.exp Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb/rs6000: Read backchain as unsigned. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add gen_return_address for powerpc. Marcin
17:48 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add ax_pseudo_register_collect for powerpc. Marcin
16:14 [binutils-gdb] S390: Recognize special jumps in prologue parser Andreas Arnez
16:14 [binutils-gdb] S390: Add use of unavailable-stack frame ID Andreas Arnez
15:53 [binutils-gdb] Avoid spaces in osabi names Pedro Alves
15:46 [binutils-gdb] [FR-V] Handle FR300 Pedro Alves
03:29 [binutils-gdb] [CRIS] Don't internal error if forced big endian Pedro Alves
03:05 [binutils-gdb] Fix floating conversion buffer overrun when host/target format matches Pedro Alves
02:57 [binutils-gdb] Assert that a floating type's length is at least as long as its format Pedro Alves
02:24 [binutils-gdb] Fix HP/PA GNU/Linux "long double" format Pedro Alves

March 07, 2016
16:40 [binutils-gdb] Fix "set architecture mips:10000" crash Pedro Alves

March 06, 2016
22:32 [binutils-gdb] Set executable bit on Sergio Durigan Junior
01:44 [binutils-gdb] Improve analysis of racy testcases Sergio Durigan Junior

March 05, 2016
12:20 [binutils-gdb] Fix argument passing for call Denis Chertykov

March 04, 2016
16:04 [binutils-gdb] ARM process record: VMOV Yao Qi
15:59 [binutils-gdb] Tweak ARM process record Yao Qi
15:05 [binutils-gdb] Print help when passing no arguments Simon Marchi

March 03, 2016
18:50 [binutils-gdb] gdb.base/skip.exp: Use with_test_prefix. Doug Evans
15:23 [binutils-gdb] Fix bugs in the simulation of the AArch64's ADDP, FADDP, LD1, CCMP and CCMP instructions. Nick Clifton
09:29 [binutils-gdb] Update comments to start_step_over Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] New test about step over clone syscall Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] Reformat gdb.base/step-over-syscall.exp Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] Rename disp-step-syscall.exp to step-over-syscall.exp Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] Step over fork/vfork syscall insn in gdbserver Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] Step over syscalll insn with disp-step on and off Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] Refactor gdb.base/disp-step-syscall.exp for general step over test Yao Qi
09:19 [binutils-gdb] [GDBserver] Leave child suspended when step over parent Yao Qi

March 02, 2016
17:28 [binutils-gdb] Call enqueue_pending_signal in linux_resume_one_lwp_throw Yao Qi
16:19 [binutils-gdb] [OBV] gdbserver: Only write ipa_tdesc_idx if agent is actually loaded. Marcin
15:43 [binutils-gdb] testsuite: Remove unnecessary code in fortran vla-history test. Bernhard Heckel
15:40 [binutils-gdb] testsuite: Fix timeout issues during print of vla-arrays. Bernhard Heckel
15:36 [binutils-gdb] testsuite: Fix run to main issue introduced by GCC 5.x. Bernhard Heckel
15:32 [binutils-gdb] testsuite: Nullify pointers before first usage. Bernhard Heckel
15:16 [binutils-gdb] Add new maintainer to Write After Approval. Bernhard Heckel
14:25 [binutils-gdb] Fix detection of gfortran compilers. Bernhard Heckel

March 01, 2016
18:35 [binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.trace/ftrace-lock.c compilation Pedro Alves
18:18 [binutils-gdb] Created tag users/hjl/linux/release/ H . J . Lu
17:41 [binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.threads/watchpoint-fork*.c compilation Pedro Alves
17:13 [binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.base/catch-fork-kill.c compilation Pedro Alves
15:23 [binutils-gdb] Fix output path for arm-disp-step.exp Yao Qi
15:20 [binutils-gdb] Compile gdb.arch/arm-neon.c with "quiet" Yao Qi
11:45 [binutils-gdb] S390: Fix output path for s390-tdbregs test case Andreas Arnez
11:44 [binutils-gdb] S390: Fix internal error with stackless inferior Andreas Arnez

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