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June 30, 2017
13:50 [binutils-gdb] PR cli/21688: Detect aliases when issuing python/compile/guile commands (and fix last commit) Sergio Durigan Junior
11:14 [binutils-gdb] PR cli/21688: Fix multi-line/inline command differentiation Sergio Durigan Junior

June 29, 2017
15:21 [binutils-gdb] Expression completer should not match explicit location options Pedro Alves
15:21 [binutils-gdb] Remove old stale expression_completer hack Pedro Alves
11:45 [binutils-gdb] Use target_desc fields expedite_regs and xmltarget ifndef IN_PROCESS_AGENT Yao Qi

June 28, 2017
14:20 [binutils-gdb] gdb/command.h: Include common/scoped_restore.h Pedro Alves
14:01 [binutils-gdb] Use obstack_grow_str Yao Qi
02:00 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR 21337: segfault when re-reading symbols. Maciej W . Rozycki

June 27, 2017
15:35 [binutils-gdb] completion_list_add_name wrapper functions Pedro Alves
15:25 [binutils-gdb] objfile_per_bfd_storage non-POD Pedro Alves
12:11 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from remote-sim.c Alan Hayward
11:08 [binutils-gdb] Created tag users/ARM/embedded-gdb-7.12-branch-2017q2 Thomas Preud'homme
11:07 [binutils-gdb] Created tag users/ARM/embedded-binutils-2_28-branch-2017q2 Thomas Preud'homme
10:15 [binutils-gdb] Eliminate make_cleanup_obstack_free, introduce auto_obstack Pedro Alves
08:57 [binutils-gdb] darwin: Do not add a dummy thread Simon Marchi

June 26, 2017
14:52 [binutils-gdb] record-full: Remove unused function netorder16 Simon Marchi
14:52 [binutils-gdb] vec: Silence -Wunused-function warnings on clang Simon Marchi
14:52 [binutils-gdb] ada-lex: Ignore warnings about register keyword Simon Marchi

June 25, 2017
10:57 [binutils-gdb] main: Don't add int to string Simon Marchi
10:57 [binutils-gdb] dtrace-probe: Put semicolon after while on its own line Simon Marchi
10:57 [binutils-gdb] x86-dregs: Print debug registers one per line Simon Marchi
09:42 [binutils-gdb] Sync libiberty with upstream GCC. Iain Buclaw
09:42 [binutils-gdb] Sync libiberty with upstream GCC. Iain Buclaw

June 23, 2017
09:22 [binutils-gdb] Add XTENSA_MAX_REGISTER_SIZE Alan Hayward

June 22, 2017
18:51 [binutils-gdb] Update comment on gdb_environ::unset Sergio Durigan Junior
15:31 [binutils-gdb] Fix cached_frame allocation in py-unwind Alan Hayward
14:34 [binutils-gdb] Remove an instance of MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from record-full.c Alan Hayward
13:14 [binutils-gdb] Regenerate two regformats/i386/.dat files Yao Qi
13:13 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from py-unwind.c Alan Hayward
11:42 [binutils-gdb] environ-selftests: Ignore -Wself-move warning Pedro Alves
10:14 [binutils-gdb] Add STRINGIFY to gdb/common/preprocessor.h Pedro Alves
09:59 [binutils-gdb] common/agent.h: Add missing include guards Pedro Alves

June 21, 2017
21:44 [binutils-gdb] Use noncapturing subpattern/parens in gdb_test implementation Kevin Buettner
11:17 [binutils-gdb] Change to_xfer_partial doc to use addressable memory units Simon Marchi
01:32 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR gdb/21606: SYMBOL_FUNCTIONS_DOMAIN misspelled in documentation Sergio Durigan Junior

June 20, 2017
15:00 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver/ Sort IPA_OBJS Simon Marchi
13:38 [binutils-gdb] Use '::iterator' instead of '::const_iterator' on environ.c (and fix breakage on early versions of l Sergio Durigan Junior
13:00 [binutils-gdb] C++ify gdb/common/environ.c Sergio Durigan Junior
11:09 [binutils-gdb] Adjust the order of 32bit-linux.xml and 32bit-sse.xml in i386/i386-linux.xml Yao Qi
10:32 [binutils-gdb] Class-fy tdesc_reg tdesc_type and tdesc_feature Yao Qi

June 19, 2017
21:41 [binutils-gdb] Don't throw an error in 'info registers' for unavailable MIPS registers. John Baldwin
18:04 [binutils-gdb] Update GDB test case for new lnia extended mnemonic. Peter Bergner
11:47 [binutils-gdb] .gdb_index writer: close the file before unlinking it Pedro Alves
04:14 [binutils-gdb] Use getenv instead of gdb_environ on mi-cmd-env.c Sergio Durigan Junior

June 18, 2017
21:31 [binutils-gdb] nat/linux-ptrace.c: add missing gdb_byte* cast Simon Marchi

June 17, 2017
21:23 [binutils-gdb] Add ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF to trace_start_error Simon Marchi
21:23 [binutils-gdb] linux-low: Remove usage of "register" keyword Simon Marchi
21:23 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add -Wno-mismatched-tags Simon Marchi
21:23 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Use -Werror when checking for (un)supported warning flags Simon Marchi
21:23 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Pass -x c++ to the compiler Simon Marchi

June 16, 2017
14:43 [binutils-gdb] extract/store integer function template Yao Qi
12:00 [binutils-gdb] arc: Select CPU model properly before disassembling Anton Kolesov

June 15, 2017
02:46 [binutils-gdb] PR gdb/21574: Mention $SHELL and startup-with-shell on "help run" Sergio Durigan Junior

June 14, 2017
17:46 [binutils-gdb] Maxim Grigoriev stepping down as Xtensa maintainer Max Filippov
15:29 [binutils-gdb] Don't use print_insn_XXX in GDB Yao Qi
12:26 [binutils-gdb] Fix register selection in var-access.exp Andreas Arnez
10:10 [binutils-gdb] Introduce gdb::byte_vector, add allocator that default-initializes Pedro Alves

June 13, 2017
19:38 [binutils-gdb] darwin-nat: Add missing include Simon Marchi
19:38 [binutils-gdb] darwin: Add fork-inferior.o to NATDEPFILES Simon Marchi
19:37 [binutils-gdb] aix: Add fork-inferior.o to NATDEPFILES Simon Marchi
13:23 [binutils-gdb] read/write_pieced_value: Merge into one function Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Notify memory_changed observers Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] Fix bit-/byte-offset mismatch in parameter to read_value_memory Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] read/write_pieced_value: Remove unnecessary variable copies Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] Respect piece offset for DW_OP_bit_piece Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] read/write_pieced_value: Improve logic for buffer allocation Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] Fix handling of DWARF register pieces on big-endian targets Andreas Arnez
13:23 [binutils-gdb] read/write_pieced_value: Drop 'buffer_size' variable Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] Add DWARF piece test cases for bit-field access Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Transfer least significant bits into bit-field Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Fix buffer offset for memory pieces Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Include transfer size in byte-wise check Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Fix copy/paste error in size calculation Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] read/write_pieced_value: Respect value parent's offset Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] gdb/testsuite: Add "get_endianness" convenience proc Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] Remove addr_size field from struct piece_closure Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] PR gdb/21226: Take DWARF stack value pieces from LSB end Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] write_pieced_value: Fix size capping logic Andreas Arnez
13:22 [binutils-gdb] Add test for modifiable DWARF locations Andreas Arnez
08:06 [binutils-gdb] Move initialize_tdesc_mips* calls from mips-linux-nat.c to mips-linux-tdep.c Yao Qi

June 12, 2017
21:44 [binutils-gdb] Add some 128-bit integer tests Tom Tromey
21:44 [binutils-gdb] Remove val_print_type_code_int Tom Tromey
21:43 [binutils-gdb] Simplify print_scalar_formatted Tom Tromey
21:43 [binutils-gdb] Let print_decimal_chars handle signed values Tom Tromey
21:43 [binutils-gdb] Don't always zero pad in print_*_chars Tom Tromey
18:06 [binutils-gdb] mips-tdep.c: Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE usage Pedro Alves
16:08 [binutils-gdb] .gdb_index prod perf regression: mapped_symtab now vector of values Pedro Alves
16:08 [binutils-gdb] .gdb_index prod perf regression: Estimate size of psyms_seen Pedro Alves
16:07 [binutils-gdb] .gdb_index prod perf regression: find before insert in unordered_map Pedro Alves
16:07 [binutils-gdb] Code cleanup: dwarf2read.c: Add data_buf::append_uint Pedro Alves
16:07 [binutils-gdb] Code cleanup: dwarf2read.c: Eliminate ::file_write Pedro Alves
16:07 [binutils-gdb] Code cleanup: dwarf2read.c:uniquify_cu_indices: Use std::unique Pedro Alves
16:07 [binutils-gdb] Code cleanup: C++ify .gdb_index producer Pedro Alves

June 11, 2017
21:16 [binutils-gdb] Introduce "set debug separate-debug-file" Simon Marchi

June 09, 2017
22:25 [binutils-gdb] gdbarch: Remove displaced_step_free_closure Simon Marchi
22:18 [binutils-gdb] Include <signal.h> on gdbserver/fork-child.c (and fix regressions) Sergio Durigan Junior

June 08, 2017
21:00 [binutils-gdb] Fix possible bug when no args have been provided to the executable Sergio Durigan Junior
15:06 [binutils-gdb] Add MN10300_MAX_REGISTER_SIZE Alan Hayward
15:01 [binutils-gdb] Update ff4ca5ac6a2e8 to the correct version. Alan Hayward
13:05 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from mi/mi-main.c Alan Hayward

June 07, 2017
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Implement proper "startup-with-shell" support on gdbserver Sergio Durigan Junior
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Share fork_inferior et al with gdbserver Sergio Durigan Junior
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Share parts of gdb/gdbthread.h with gdbserver Sergio Durigan Junior
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Move parts of inferior job control to common/ Sergio Durigan Junior
13:35 [binutils-gdb] Introduce compiled_regex, eliminate make_regfree_cleanup Pedro Alves
09:17 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from regcache.c Alan Hayward
09:11 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from sh(64)-tdep.c Alan Hayward
08:59 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from aarch64-tdep.c Alan Hayward

June 06, 2017
15:43 [binutils-gdb] Remove declaration of set_register_cache from regdef.h Yao Qi
15:35 [binutils-gdb] Remove a MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from frame.c Alan Hayward
14:55 [binutils-gdb] Fix double free when running gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp (PR breakpoints/21553) Pedro Alves
14:46 [binutils-gdb] Remove uses of MAX_REGISTER_SIZE from alpha-tdep.c Alan Hayward
12:52 [binutils-gdb] Add IA64_MAX_FP_REGISTER_SIZE Alan Hayward

June 04, 2017
16:13 [binutils-gdb] Document the GDB 8.0 release in gdb/ChangeLog Joel Brobecker
16:12 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.0-branch] Bump GDB version number to 8.0.0.DATE-git. Joel Brobecker
16:11 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.0-branch] Document the GDB 8.0 release in gdb/ChangeLog Joel Brobecker
16:03 [binutils-gdb] Created tag gdb-8.0-release Joel Brobecker
15:55 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.0-branch] Set GDB version number to 8.0. Joel Brobecker

June 03, 2017
20:07 [binutils-gdb] x86-linux-nat: Remove unused arch_lwp_info structure Simon Marchi
19:25 [binutils-gdb] linux-nat: Remove unused parameter Simon Marchi

June 02, 2017
21:24 [binutils-gdb] Use delete instead of xfree for gdb_timer Simon Marchi
21:17 [binutils-gdb] C++ify breakpoint class hierarchy (destructors only) Simon Marchi
21:17 [binutils-gdb] Create struct type for longjmp breakpoint Simon Marchi
21:17 [binutils-gdb] Introduce and use new_breakpoint_from_type Simon Marchi
15:05 [binutils-gdb] Correct check for endianness Michael Eager

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