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March 30, 2018
23:44 [binutils-gdb] Deleted branch fixes Joel Brobecker
22:29 [binutils-gdb/fixes] Fix infinite recursion when printing static member with typedef Weimin Pan
22:26 [binutils-gdb] Created branch 'fixes' Weimin Pan
21:19 [binutils-gdb] Remove usage of VEC(char_ptr) in gdbscm_parse_function_args Simon Marchi
21:19 [binutils-gdb] Use std::vector and std::string instead of VEC(char_ptr) in gdbserver tdesc Simon Marchi
21:19 [binutils-gdb] Use std::vector in uploaded_tp Simon Marchi
19:23 [binutils-gdb] Remove some cleanups from solib-svr4.c Tom Tromey
19:23 [binutils-gdb] Change target_read_string to use unique_xmalloc_ptr Tom Tromey
19:16 [binutils-gdb] Remove free_dwo_file_cleanup Tom Tromey
19:16 [binutils-gdb] Remove parameter from free_dwo_file Tom Tromey
19:16 [binutils-gdb] Remove free_cached_comp_units cleanups Tom Tromey
19:10 [binutils-gdb] Remove make_cleanup_unpush_target Tom Tromey

March 27, 2018
16:52 [binutils-gdb] Remove cleanups from prompt_for_continue Tom Tromey
16:52 [binutils-gdb] Remove cleanups from gdb_readline_wrapper Tom Tromey
16:44 [binutils-gdb] C++-ify typedef hash Tom Tromey
14:57 [binutils-gdb] Include <cmath> in dwarf-index-write.c Tom Tromey
14:18 [binutils-gdb] set varsize-limit: New GDB setting for maximum dynamic object size Joel Brobecker
14:10 [binutils-gdb] Move DWARF index-related things to a separate file Simon Marchi
13:57 [binutils-gdb] problem looking up some symbols when they have a linkage name Joel Brobecker
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Remove verbose code from backtrace command Tom Tromey
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Simplify exception handling in py-framefilter.c Tom Tromey
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Improve "backtrace" help text Tom Tromey
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Call wrap_hint in one more spot in py-framefilter.c Tom Tromey
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Return EXT_LANG_BT_ERROR in one more spot in py-framefilter.c Tom Tromey
04:06 [binutils-gdb] Move some code later in backtrace_command_1 Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Throw a "quit" on a KeyboardException in py-framefilter.c Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Allow C-c to work in backtrace in more cases Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Avoid manual resource management in py-framefilter.c Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Remove EXT_LANG_BT_COMPLETED Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Allow hiding of some filtered frames Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Change backtrace_command_1 calling to use flags Tom Tromey
04:05 [binutils-gdb] Rationalize "backtrace" command line parsing Tom Tromey

March 26, 2018
19:46 [binutils-gdb] Remove DEF_VEC_I(offset_type) Simon Marchi
19:31 [binutils-gdb] Add include guard to filename-seen-cache.h Simon Marchi
17:38 [binutils-gdb] Remove struct keyword from section_addr_info Keith Seitz
10:49 [binutils-gdb] Make gdbserver reg_defs a vector of objects Alan Hayward

March 25, 2018
17:57 [binutils-gdb] eval.c: reverse minsym and sym Pedro Alves
17:56 [binutils-gdb] Fix date in gdb/ChangeLog Pedro Alves

March 24, 2018
03:08 [binutils-gdb] aarch64: Make "info address" resolve TLS variables Simon Marchi

March 23, 2018
18:58 [binutils-gdb] Add psymbols for nested types Keith Seitz
16:06 [binutils-gdb] Change machoread.c to use std::vector Tom Tromey
14:49 [binutils-gdb] Make gdbserver find_register_by_number static Alan Hayward
11:58 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Fix testsuite issue in gdb.arch/amd64-disp-step-avx.exp Andrew Burgess
11:58 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Minor cleanup in some gdb.arch/* tests Andrew Burgess
11:10 [binutils-gdb] Move gdbserver tdesc header funcs to c file Alan Hayward
09:39 [binutils-gdb] Testsuite: fully migrate to use_gdb_stub convenience func Andreas Arnez
03:22 [binutils-gdb] Remove some cleanups from record-full.c Tom Tromey

March 22, 2018
13:24 [binutils-gdb] ppc: Fix stwux and stdux masks in skip_prologue Pedro Franco de Carvalho
13:24 [binutils-gdb] ppc: Detect when LR is saved through frame pointer Pedro Franco de Carvalho
09:03 [binutils-gdb] Make "info proc cmdline" show args on GNU/Linux Andreas Arnez
09:03 [binutils-gdb] S390: Correct brace style in s390_get_wordsize Andreas Arnez
04:35 [binutils-gdb] Get rid of VEC(static_tracepoint_marker_p) Simon Marchi
04:34 [binutils-gdb] Make parse_static_tracepoint_marker_definition work with multiple static tracepoint definitions Simon Marchi

March 21, 2018
20:34 [binutils-gdb] Add myself as a write-after-approval GDB maintainer. Pedro Franco de Carvalho
16:42 [binutils-gdb] S390: Make IPA recognize tdescs with guarded storage Andreas Arnez
16:42 [binutils-gdb] S390: gdbserver: Don't write guarded storage registers Andreas Arnez
16:42 [binutils-gdb] S390: Enable re-attaching with native-extended-gdbserver Andreas Arnez

March 20, 2018
16:24 [binutils-gdb] Fix misleading indentation error. Stephen Roberts
14:06 [binutils-gdb] Replace the linear search in find_pc_sect_line with a binary search. Stephen Roberts

March 19, 2018
17:17 [binutils-gdb] Support bare-identifier field initializers in Rust Tom Tromey
15:42 [binutils-gdb] Convert observers to C++ Tom Tromey
12:14 [binutils-gdb] Testsuite: Fix ambiguous "break" due to libinproctrace Andreas Arnez
03:54 [binutils-gdb] Remove some cleanups from solib.c Tom Tromey

March 17, 2018
19:32 [binutils-gdb] Change auto_load_objfile_script_1 to use std::string Tom Tromey
15:31 [binutils-gdb] Remove target_fileio_close_cleanup Tom Tromey

March 16, 2018
20:31 [binutils-gdb] Add silent Makefile rules Simon Marchi
20:26 [binutils-gdb] Remove make_cleanup_free_section_addr_info Tom Tromey
19:41 [binutils-gdb] Fix tspeed test case: copy libinproctrace to target Andreas Arnez
02:05 [binutils-gdb] Add selftest for substitute_path_component Simon Marchi

March 14, 2018
15:50 [binutils-gdb] Special case NULL when using printf's %s format Tom Tromey
15:50 [binutils-gdb] Allow - in %p for printf Tom Tromey
15:50 [binutils-gdb] Add usage to printf command Tom Tromey
13:44 [binutils-gdb] Update my email address Yao Qi

March 13, 2018
23:41 [binutils-gdb] Remove two cleanups using std::string Tom Tromey

March 12, 2018
21:57 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Fix some ARI issues Andrew Burgess
14:27 [binutils-gdb] Use gdb::byte_vector when reading section data Tom Tromey
09:16 [binutils-gdb] Fix ia64 GDB build Yao Qi
03:07 [binutils-gdb] Use std::vector for field lists in dwarf2read.c Tom Tromey
03:06 [binutils-gdb] Remove cleanup from build_type_psymtabs_1 Tom Tromey

March 09, 2018
14:00 [binutils-gdb] Update "gdb --configuration" with recently added features Eli Zaretskii
05:05 [binutils-gdb] Use scoped_fd in more places Tom Tromey
04:59 [binutils-gdb] Change enable_thread_stack_temporaries to an RAII class Tom Tromey
00:01 [binutils-gdb] Fix misreporting of omitted bytes for large remote packets Simon Marchi

March 08, 2018
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Use std::string to simplify build_id_to_debug_bfd Simon Marchi
23:58 [binutils-gdb] Make find_separate_debug_file* return std::string Simon Marchi
23:07 [binutils-gdb] Add xml_escape_text_append and use it Simon Marchi
23:04 [binutils-gdb] linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4: Use std::string Simon Marchi
22:55 [binutils-gdb] remote-stdio-gdbserver: Pass "target" to remote_exec to delete file Simon Marchi
22:55 [binutils-gdb] Don't redefine upload/download/file in gdbserver-base Simon Marchi
09:50 [binutils-gdb] Remove MAX_REGISTER_SIZE define Alan Hayward

March 07, 2018
22:45 [binutils-gdb] Return gdb::optional<std::string> from target_fileio_readlink Tom Tromey
17:40 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Add riscv to list of architectures with a save_reggroup Andrew Burgess
13:29 [binutils-gdb] Fix watching structs in C++ Andreas Arnez

March 06, 2018
20:29 [binutils-gdb] Formatting fixes in rust-exp.y Tom Tromey
19:29 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Remove partial target description support Andrew Burgess
19:29 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Remove 'Contributed by....' comments Andrew Burgess
19:29 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Remove use of pseudo registers Andrew Burgess
14:52 [binutils-gdb] btrace: Remove ui_out cleanups Simon Marchi
14:52 [binutils-gdb] btrace: Remove VEC cleanups Simon Marchi
14:52 [binutils-gdb] btrace: Remove btrace disable cleanup Simon Marchi
14:31 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Fix type when reading register from regcache Andrew Burgess
14:31 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Additional print format string fixes Andrew Burgess
12:50 [binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Fixes to printf format strings Andrew Burgess
10:13 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Initial baremetal riscv support Andrew Burgess
10:13 [binutils-gdb] gdb/amd64: Ignore zero sized fields when calling functions Andrew Burgess

March 05, 2018
01:04 [binutils-gdb] Propagate gdb_disassembly_flags to btrace_print_lines Simon Marchi

March 04, 2018
05:36 [binutils-gdb] Use signal information to determine SIGTRAP type for FreeBSD. John Baldwin
05:36 [binutils-gdb] Add a new debug knob for the FreeBSD native target. John Baldwin
05:36 [binutils-gdb] Implement "to_stopped_by_hw_breakpoint" for x86 debug registers. John Baldwin

March 03, 2018
04:28 [binutils-gdb] handle_general_set: Remove useless xstrdup Simon Marchi
04:25 [binutils-gdb] Remove free_char_ptr_vec Simon Marchi
04:24 [binutils-gdb] C++ify charsets Simon Marchi
04:24 [binutils-gdb] Make program_space::deleted_solibs a vector of std::string Simon Marchi
04:24 [binutils-gdb] C++ify program_space Simon Marchi
04:24 [binutils-gdb] Make delim_string_to_char_ptr_vec return an std::vector Simon Marchi

March 02, 2018
12:33 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.1-branch] Conditionally include "<windows.h>" on common/pathstuff.c (and unbreak build on mingw*) Sergio Durigan Junior
12:32 [binutils-gdb] Conditionally include "<windows.h>" on common/pathstuff.c (and unbreak build on mingw*) Sergio Durigan Junior
11:53 [binutils-gdb] [GDB/testsuite] Use %progbits in watch-loc.c Thomas Preud'homme

March 01, 2018
22:29 [binutils-gdb] Improve gcore shell quoting and portability Simon Marchi
16:36 [binutils-gdb] Fix Rust enum test failures Tom Tromey
15:51 [binutils-gdb] Propagate record_print_flags Simon Marchi
11:27 [binutils-gdb] btrace, gdbserver: check btrace target pointers Markus Metzger
02:22 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.1-branch] Change order of error message printed when gdbserver can't find CWD Sergio Durigan Junior
02:22 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.1-branch] Make gdbserver work with filename-only binaries Sergio Durigan Junior
02:22 [binutils-gdb/gdb-8.1-branch] Create new common/pathstuff.[ch] Sergio Durigan Junior

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