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Re: That dwarf2read patch i just submitted

On Oct 24,  3:30pm, Stan Shebs wrote:

> > > I also modified every line of the patch, literally.
> > 
> > It is true that you modified many of the lines, but you didn't touch
> > *all* of them.
> If it were me making the decision, I would not require the copyright
> assignment for this patch.  The original contribution is small, it's
> been mostly rewritten, it's not a significant new algorithm, and the
> contributor seems to have disappeared.

I am in agreement regarding the signifcance of the algorithm.  Also,
even if we were to somehow do a clean room implementation, it would
likely look a lot like Brian Nettleton's patch as adapted by Daniel

Assuming that we come to agree that patch can go in, I have the
following questions:

 - How would you structure the ChangeLog entry?  I feel very strongly
   that the original contributor should given credit in some form.

 - Brian submitted a number of other patches from the same time frame
   that have remained dormant.  Assuming that they are technically
   sound, should we attempt to adapt and commit the rest of these
   patches too?


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