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RE: Patch for gdb5.0; enable hardware watchpoints on UnixWare

> >   could you steal the svr42mp specific bits of it for 5.1?
> >   (debug registers held in pr_family element of proc status,
> >   PCSDEBUG operation to write debug registers).
> I will try, but I cannot promise this.

> I _will_ try to make the generic code general enough to be easily
> usable by all targets which already have watchpoint support.

What will you need?  A macro to get the debug registers for a pid
and one to put 'em back?

> >   1. Why not zap the waddr arg to go32_..._watchpoint?  It's not used.
> It might be there because GDB needs that argument for some other
> (non-x86) target. 

It isn't.  GDB doesn't call go32_insert_aligned_watchpoint,
go32_insert_unaligned_watchpoint and so on.  They are only called from the
go32_insert_watchpoint, go32_remove_watchpoint in go32-nat.c (And
go32_insert_watchpoint, go32_remove_watchpoint are called from macros
in tm-xxx.h or nm-xxx,h).

> >   2. In go32_insert_aligned_watchpoint...
> I think you are looking at an old version of go32-nat.c.

My comments refer to the version labeled '1.6' in the cvsweb.  Is there
a later one I could look at?  (Only if you want, please tell me to go
away if I'm wasting your time).

> While I generalize the code, I will bring it up to date with the letter
> of Intel's manuals.

So you're going to have your own defines for DR_... and not use the
system ones?  I guess that was why your code didn't match up to what
I find in sys/debugreg.h on my system.

John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>, 
        CalvaEDI SA.                            Tel: +33-1-4313-3131
        66 rue du Moulin de la Pointe,          Fax: +33-1-4313-3139
        75013 PARIS.

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