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[DISCUSS]: cross-debugging shared libraries

[maint] add FNF to write after approval list

[maint] Add Fred Fish to blanket write privs list

[maint] Blanket Write Privs and un-maintained code

[maint] Remember to discuss structural/technical change

Re: [PATCH RFA?] solib.c hack

Re: [PATCH RFA] Call end_symtab() with SECT_OFF_TEXT (objfile)

[PATCH RFA] dwarf2read.c: symbol relocation in new_symbol()

[PATCH RFA] process/thread/lwp identifier mega-patch

[PATCH RFA] solib.c relocation improvements

[PATCH RFA] solib.c reorg

Re: [PATCH RFC] pascal pointer type names

Re: [PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-adapt.c, remote-array.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-bug.c, remote-e7000.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-eb.c,, remote-mm.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-nindy.c, remote-os9k.c, remote-rdi.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-rdp.c, remote-sds.c, remote-sim.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-st.c, remote-utils.c, remote-vx.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize remote-vx29k.c, remote.c, sol-thread.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize solib.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize sparc-nat.c, sparcl-tdep.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize stabsread.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize sun3-nat.c, symm-nat.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize symm-nat.c, symtab.c, ultra3-nat.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize symtab.c, thread.c

[PATCH RFC] Protoize top.c, ui-out.c

[PATCH] config/i386/ Add XM_CLIBS definition

[PATCH] Convert CONVERT_FROM_FUNC_PTR_ADDR to multi-arch

[PATCH] dejagnu framework for testing gdbserver

[patch] delete gdba.el

[patch] Fix catch_errors() argument signature

Re: [PATCH] GDB friendly assert

Re: [patch] gdba.el: Fix a typo.

[PATCH] itk dll now installed when install-libraries is made

[PATCH] Mangling, take 2

Re: [PATCH] printcmds.exp: escape curly braces in array print pattern match

Re: [patch] remote-mips.c - eliminate hard-wired two seconds

[PATCH] Revert yesterday's change to config/rs6000/

[PATCH] rs6000-tdep.c: Improve prologue analysis for PowerPC targets

[PATCH] sparc-tdep.c: Fix `return' and `finish' from stop in call dummy

Re: [PATCH] The birth of regcache.h

[PATCH]: adapt netbsd/ppc target to multi-arch changes, fix typos

[PATCH]: C++ mangling patch that is about to be committed

[PATCH]: commands.exp -- clean up long lines and indentation

[PATCH]: Extend SVR4 shlib debug changes to SH3 and other targets

[PATCH]: Fix typoes and spelling errors

[PATCH]: Move solib from NATDEPFILES to TDEPFILES for linux.

[RFA] 100494 fix

[RFA] addresses/pointers vs numbers and expression evaluation

Re: [RFA] avoid NULL deref for non GDB_MULTI_ARCH mips configs

[RFA] c-valprint.c: Improve function pointer printing on AIX.

[RFA] Call SOLIB_CREATE_INFERIOR_HOOK for remote targets.

Re: [RFA] config/i386/ Add XM_CLIBS definition

[RFA] Convert CONVERT_FROM_FUNC_PTR_ADDR to multi-arch

[RFA] Encapsulate method of searching for a solib.

[RFA] fix a pascal parsing bug

Re: [RFA] make mips64_transfers_32bit_regs_p configurable

[RFA] tweak

[RFA] More watchpoint test tweaks

[RFA] objfiles.c:objfile_relocate: Handle entry_point in section other than .text

[RFA] Patch for cgen_rtx_error()

[RFA] sim disassembly patch

[RFA] symtab.c: Another fix, now for gdb.c++/templates.exp regressions

[RFA] symtab.c: Fix for infinite GDB recursion in gdb.c++/classes.exp

[RFA] target.*: Handle SIGRTMAX for IRIX 6.

[RFA] testsuite: more skips for printf dependencies

[RFA] Testsuite: skip tests that depend on stdio support.

[RFA] Watchpoint test tweak

[RFA]: Add support for .debug_loc to dwarf2 reader

[RFA]: Changes to move dcache above target vector functions.

[RFA]: Initialize solib search psth from environ variable

[RFA]: minor change to gdb_test dejagnu proc

[RFA]: More testsuite printf purification.

[RFA]: Remove linear search for C++

Re: [RFA]: Revised C++ patch

[RFC] WIP: Implement auto-solib-add for AIX

Re: [sim patch] Makefile tweaking

address-to-pointer gotcha

bug in tracepoint protocol implementation

comment spelling corrections, approval requested

dejagnu.texi minor typos

Re: disable gdbserver for cross builds

Forgot to note

FYI: Patches to varobj.c and gdbtk.c

gdb and the vxworks target

GDB assigns/disclaims

GDB for 64-bit Solaris target status?

Grant's RDI STOP patch is in

minor fix for i386v-nat.c

more spelling corrections

More spelling corrections in comments

Re: New s390 gdb patch


Re: patch approval request

Patch for gdb5.0; enable hardware watchpoints on UnixWare

Patch:RFA:sim testsuite: Options Embedded in Test Cases

People can subscribe to gdb-prs via the web

Re: ppc-sim patch to fix lfsux insn

Re: process/thread/lwp identifier mega-patch


Re Multi Arch Architecture

Remote watchpoint support.

RFA: [target.c] Call detach_hook()

RFA: [target.c] Tell GUI inferior is gone

Re: RFA: Fix compile time warning in gdb/mips-tdep.c

RFA: Patch ser-unix.c to only call ui hook when target running

Re: RFA: Patch ser-unix.c to only call ui hook when target running (WITHDRAW)

Re: RFA: Patch to remote.c - Fix to recovery from lost ACK

Re: RFA: Patch to ser-unix.c (When infinite equals 32K seconds)

Fwd: Re: Running vxWorks kernel on PSIM

S390 gdb patches

spelling corrections in comments committed

spelling corrections: request approval

Steven's hookpost patch finally in.

Submission of a new gdb port

symtab.h: 2000-10-12 SYMBOL_INIT_DEMANGLED_NAME change, why ?

Testsuite fix for ending-run.exp "step at end 2"

That dwarf2read patch i just submitted

Re: thinko in gdb/infttrace.c

tracepoints implementation: bug in byte code generating.

Z packet change

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