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Re: RFA/RFC: dump symtab and psymtab lists

Andrew Cagney <ac131313 at redhat dot com> writes:

> > This patch adds two new commands, 'maint print symtabs' and 'maint
> > print psymtabs', that print out the full and partial symtab lists.
> > You can supply a regexp to match against the (p)symtab name to just
> > list a few.
> > The existing 'maint print symbols' and 'maint print psymbols' are
> > exhaustive, which is useful sometimes, but they produce so much output
> > that they're a pain to use when you just want to see what's up with
> > the symtab and psymtab lists themselves.
> > The output includes expressions you can cut-and-paste into GDB to get
> > a pointer to a specific symtab, psymtab, etc., and it's parenthesized
> > to make the Emacs balanced motion commands work usefully.  The
> > documentation includes examples.
> Jim,
> The `maint print' series of commands should all use the syntax:
> 	(gdb) maint print <component> [ <output-file> ]
> (things todo is check that this is consistent).

Right, but that doesn't make sense for this command.  It doesn't
produce so much output that it needs to be directed to a file ---
that's the reason the existing 'maint print' commands didn't suffice,
even though they include all the info the new commands do.  And the
regexp is really helpful.

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