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Re: RFA/RFC: dump symtab and psymtab lists

Andrew Cagney <ac131313 at redhat dot com> writes:

> Okay, here's a revised patch that calls them "maint list {,p}symtab".
> Unfortunatly, there is `(gdb) list' command, so one would expect a
> certain level of correspondance between `(gdb) list' and `(gdb maint
> list'.  This is like `(gdb) info breakpoints' vs `(gdb) maint info
> breakpoints'.
> This also rules out my `maint search' suggestion :-(
> `maint query <db> <query>'?

Jim, did you see this point?

Err, yes; I just forgot about it.

How about 'maint show {,p}symtab'?  That's consistent with the main
'show' command (which displays information about GDB's state), and has
no conflicting precedent.


`show' is for ``showing [and setting] things about the debugger'' - show remote, show debug. Just ignore `set variable ...'.

info is for ``showing things about the program being debugged]] - info frame, info registers, info symbols

There can be overlap between a `set/show' and `info', but I don't think that occures here.


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