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Re: [PATCH] Handle ObjC OPS in eval.c

Elena Zannoni wrote:
Adam Fedor writes:
> > > Elena Zannoni wrote:
> [...]
> > > > I think we need more comments, I guess stret means structure return?
> > What are these methods used for? Also can you add a high level
> > description of how these dispatchers get into the picture?
> > > > Here's a better documented and slightly cleaned-up patch.
> 2003-03-04 Adam Fedor <fedor at gnu dot org>

I think it's ok. Except I don't like to introduce more #if0 code with new code.
Do we really need that part?

I bet no one would complain if I took it out.

The larger problem I have, though, is changing the patch so that I can call the objc-lang functions indirectly, so that objc-lang.o does not have to be linked in. That seems like a pain.

I think it would be easier to split objc-lang.c into two parts. One that is architecture independant that I could link in now, and the other acitecture dependant part (which is already handled via the language vector). Anything wrong with that?

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