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Re: [RFC/RFA] print arrays with indexes

> In fact, C99 allows:
>   int A[3] = { [1] = 2 };
> GNU C has supported it for a while, I think.  I don't think it works
> for C++.

Aha! Thanks for the tip.

> So, yes, a language method would be good.

Ok, how about calling it la_print_array_index? The current language_defn
structure already la_printchar and la_printstr (no "_" between print and
the object name), but I think using underscores is that much clearer in
this case.

        void (*la_print_array_index) (struct value *index_value,
                                      struct ui_file *stream,
                                      int format,
                                      enum val_prettyprint pretty);

I'll then define a new LA_PRINT_ARRAY_INDEX macro

#define LA_PRINT_ARRAY_INDEX (index_value, stream, format, pretty) \
  (current_language->la_print_array_index(index_value, stream, format, pretty))

> >         (gdb) set/show print array-indexes
> > 
> > With a default of "off", to preserve the current behavior.
> I suppose we've got to :-)  I'd turn it on, that's for sure.

There is also Jim's suggestion which has some merits. I'm more of
an all or nothing kind of guy, so I prefer the approach I've chosen,
but I am flexible.

> Afraid I haven't time to look at the patch just now.  I'll be back.

Sure. Thanks for the early feedback.


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