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Re: RFC: MI output during program execution

Stan Shebs writes:
 > >Could you please tell me where you think the best place to start would be?
 > >I guess CVS would be better than a tarball.  Would it be best to wait until
 > >Stan & Klee have completed their merge?
 > >
 > Anything you do now will be of value, I don't think our MI stuff
 > has churned a whole lot, but I would like to put out a drop of
 > our latest mostly-working CVS anyway, since it's merged up to FSF
 > sources as of a few days ago, plus most of the local changes have
 > been at least categorized by purpose. I can't think of any obstacles,
 > but as a "newbie" in Apple GDB :-) , I need to find out what I can do.

I've started a merge on current CVS (for some reason gdb-413 seemed to include
everything except the GDB source).  Getting MI output during program execution
seems to be closely related to making GDB asynchronous.  I couldn't attempt
such a task on my own but, using the Apple code as a prototype, it doesn't
look too difficult.  When I have something working perhaps I could put it on a
branch.  It's not something that I'll complete in the next week or so and I
just wanted to outline my intentions.  It will probably only work on the
platform that I've got (GNU/Linux) so maybe someone more knowledgeable than
myself can beef it up to make it general enough for mainline.


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