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Re: RFC: MI output during program execution

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 02:51:47PM +1200, Nick Roberts wrote:
> Stan Shebs writes:
>  > >Could you please tell me where you think the best place to start would be?
>  > >I guess CVS would be better than a tarball.  Would it be best to wait until
>  > >Stan & Klee have completed their merge?
>  > >
>  > Anything you do now will be of value, I don't think our MI stuff
>  > has churned a whole lot, but I would like to put out a drop of
>  > our latest mostly-working CVS anyway, since it's merged up to FSF
>  > sources as of a few days ago, plus most of the local changes have
>  > been at least categorized by purpose. I can't think of any obstacles,
>  > but as a "newbie" in Apple GDB :-) , I need to find out what I can do.
> I've started a merge on current CVS (for some reason gdb-413 seemed to include
> everything except the GDB source).  Getting MI output during program execution
> seems to be closely related to making GDB asynchronous.  I couldn't attempt
> such a task on my own but, using the Apple code as a prototype, it doesn't
> look too difficult.  When I have something working perhaps I could put it on a
> branch.  It's not something that I'll complete in the next week or so and I
> just wanted to outline my intentions.  It will probably only work on the
> platform that I've got (GNU/Linux) so maybe someone more knowledgeable than
> myself can beef it up to make it general enough for mainline.

That's great!  Nick, if you get this started, I'm sure we can find
interested folks to help you get it finished.

Daniel Jacobowitz
CodeSourcery, LLC

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