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Re: [Patch Ping]: the support of F90 subarray and substring evaluation

On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 10:07:58PM +0800, Wu Zhou wrote:
> 2005-08-15  Wu Zhou  <>
> 	* expression.h (enum exp_opcode): Add a new operator for F90
> 	subrange.
> 	* f-lang.h (enum f90_range_type): New enumeration type to identify
> 	F90 subrange type.
> 	* f-exp.y (yyparse): Add support for parsing F90 subrange and
> 	change substring parsing to subrange parsing.
> 	* parse.c (operator_length_standard): Set the operator length
> 	and args number for OP_F90_RANGE.
> 	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Add code to evaluate F90
> 	array section and substring.
> 	(value_f90_subarray): New function to evaluate F90 array section.
> 	(label op_f77_substr): Replaced by value_f90_subarray.  Deleted.

Sorry about the delay.  This patch, and the testsuite patch, are OK.

Two formatting comments to clean up before you check it in:

Don't reference "label op_f77_substr" as if it were a function in
the ChangeLog.  Reference the containing function, instead.

> +     /* A F90 array range operator. (for "exp:exp", "exp:", ":exp" and ":") */

    /* A F90 array range operator (for "exp:exp", "exp:", ":exp" and ":").  */

Period at the end and two spaces.


> 2005-08-15  Wu Zhou  <>
> 	* gdb.fortran/subarray.exp: New testcase to test the evaluation
> 	of subarray and substring variable.
> 	* gdb.fortran/subarray.f: New source file for the test of subarray
> 	and substring variable evaluation.
> 	* gdb.fortran/exprs.exp: Add four tests for substring evaluation
> 	of string constant.

Daniel Jacobowitz
CodeSourcery, LLC

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