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Re: [RFA] print arrays with indexes

> I'm confused.  Wasn't Jim's point that he wanted "on for large arrays
> only, too ugly for small arrays"?  Which is the first.

That was the reason why I asked, because I sensed some disparity between
what people wanted. In my particular case, it doesn't matter, because I
will turn the feature on on a as-needed basis, so won't use the threshold.
However, the cases where I have needed it are when the array was too big
for me to do the counting... So Jim's point makes more sense to me too.

> It sounds like we have legitimate reasons for both thresholds.  I'm
> getting more inclined to implement neither for now, to prevent confusion.

This sounds good to me too. Perhaps a compromise between what Eli
suggested and what you have been suggesting would work. How about
we implement a on/off knob for now. Later on, if we understand better
in which direction to use the threshold, then we can enhance the knob
to include "auto", and then have a second knob.

As long as we cross-reference each setting in the help text, I think
users won't be confused.


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