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Re: [RFC] Decimal Floating Point support for GDB (Part 1: patch)

Hi Eli,

Thanks for your reply.

Quoting Eli Zaretskii <>:

> I'm not sure; the similar "1234.565f" feature is not documented
> anywhere.  I guess the idea is that a programmer in the C language
> should know about this C feature, and GDB just supports the C language
> by accepting its syntax for numbers.  Isn't the same true for your
> additions, i.e., isn't "1234.56df" going to be a valid C number
> syntax?

Yes.  "1234.56df" will be valid number in incoming c99 revison.  This is 
documented in

> > What about gdb internal?  Do we need to update that too?
> gdbint.texinfo should have a description of language-specific files,
> what they do and how to build one for a new language.  One minor issue
> that should be part of that description is the number syntax.  I'd be
> thrilled to see such a description added to gdbint, but since there's
> no such description now, I don't feel I can ask you to write a tiny
> addition to a non-existent chapter.  But if you can find time to write
> a full description of the C expression syntax support, I'd gratefully
> review it.

OK.  Got it.  I will try to see whether I can find any time to work on 
that.  But I am not sure.  So I can't promise anything at this time.  :-)

> > 2. As you might know, dfp for gcc is also under development. And my patch 
> > depends on the availablity of that?  How did gdb handle this kind of 
> > situation before?  Did we need to wait until dfp is ready for gcc?
> There's no need to wait, IMHO, since this feature in GDB will not
> cause any harm unless and until GDB sees some program whose DWARF info
> includes these special tags.

That is good.  I wish it is like this too.

- Wu Zhou

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