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[RFA] Typedef'd method parameters [0/4]


I've been working on fixing c++/12266 and c++/12506 in which users are unable to specify linespecs for class methods which have typedef'd parameters, e.g., klass:method(my_typedef). This is an attempt to fix this shortcoming. [This is not a dwarf2_physname regression.]

I've attempted to split this up into four different patches to help facilitate review, but to be honest, I'm not sure how helpful this split is going to be, but I'll leave it to maintainers to ask for whatever would help them digest this easiest.

Back to the problem. Physnames (similar to linkage names) are used to store symbols in the symbol tables -- this is the whole dwarf2_physname patchset from last year. These physnames should represent the most basic "name" of a symbol.

The inability to use typedef'd parameter types arises from the fact that we do fairly literal lookups in the symbol table from decode_line_1 et al. So for example, if the user types "break klass::method(my_typedef)", decode_compound will attempt to look for a method of "klass" with the parameter type "my_typedef". Alas, as I've already mentioned, the symbol tables do not contain this information -- the contain whatever the typedef resolves to (klass::method(int), for example).

The proposed solution in this patchset is to use the C++ name parser to find these method parameter types, look them up, and if they are typedefs, change the name in the tree to physname of the typedef.

A note on the test suite: I propose to get these all approved and commit in one go. If done this way, no test suite regressions should occur. Or at least they don't show up here. :-)

There are several (mechanical) problems that arise from this approach that need to be dealt with first. First of all, cp_demangled_name_to_comp can not be called recursively because the storage for the resulting parse tree is rewritten with every call.

This can happen before debuginfo is read and the user attempts to specify a linespec; when the typedef is looked up, the dwarf reader will call cp_canonicalize_string, destroying the result. So the first of these patches addresses this. It is pretty much orthogonal to the other patches.

Second, c_type_print_args (and several functions in c-typeprint.c) needed to be taught the difference between linkage names and print names. [Reminder: Both skip artificial parameters; linkage names always resolve typedefs.] This is addressed in the second patch.

The third patch is actually the "guts" of the patch, which walks the name parse tree and converts typedefs. The main function of interest here is cp_canonicalize_string_no_typedefs, which is largely a clone of cp_canonicalize_string, except that it resolves any typedefs found in the name (as if you couldn't guess that).

The final/fourth patch is test cases for this. I have really tried to hit a bunch of corner cases, but it is likely that users have thought of some way to express something in C++ that I have not.

Just a side note for maintainers, since I know this is going to come up: I have tried my best to consolidate name canonicalization, but there are a bunch of problems that arise from attempting to do this. I believe the solution proposed here is the most consistent from an API perspective -- everything still acts the way it should (and has). The alternative is to canonicalize_no_typedefs before anyone calls lookup_symbol or lookup_symbol_in_language. I rejected this approach.

In one specific case, we have no choice but to re-canonicalize the input anyway, and this isn't particularly time-critical code, since it is only called from decode_line_1, i.e., from user input. It does not get called from dwarf2read.c.


PS. I've attached the whole patch as a single large piece for those interested in skipping the piecemeal evaluation of the patchset. [See ChangeLogs in subsequent messages.]

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