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Re: [Patch] Bug 8287: Skip uninteresting functions while debugging

After many months of inactivity, I finally have time to work on this
again.  I'm really sorry for the delay.

I've attached a patch for tip of trunk.  I renamed the command from
"blacklist" to "skip".

The one major issue outstanding on the previous patch was that every
time you stepped, I tried to resolve all skips pending a shared
library load.  I did this because registering a solib load listener
didn't work -- somehow even after I was notified of the load, the
solib's symbols weren't available.

I hacked around this problem by putting a call to skip_re_set at the
end of breakpoint_re_set.


On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM, Justin Lebar <> wrote:
> Justin> I'm not sure I like "enable blacklist". ?The problem is that
> Justin> "blacklist" is a noun referring to the list of all functions we
> Justin> skip and also a verb meaning "add an entry to the blacklist".
> Justin> "Enable blacklist" sounds to me like we're enabling an entire
> Justin> list of blacklist entries.
> Tom> Yeah, that makes sense.
> Tom> Yes, that would be good. ?Any ideas for names?
> Maybe we could use "skip":
> skip function foo
> skip file bar
> info skip
> delete skip 1
> disable skip 42
> "Ignore" might also work, but I don't like "delete ignore 1", or
> "enable ignore 2".
> -Justin

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