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Re: New mingw32 support problems

Pierre Muller wrote:
>  I think that I found the reason of the behavior difference
> between cygwin and mingw32 compiled GDBs.
>   Cygwin installs an exception handler in cygwin1.dll
> that has the following code:
> winsup/cygwin/ around line 550 in current cvs src tree:
>       /* CloseHandle will throw this exception if it is given an
>          invalid handle.  We don't care about the exception; we just
>          want CloseHandle to return an error.  This can be revisited
>          if gcc ever supports Windows style structured exception
>          handling.  */
>       return 0;
> while mingw32 installs apparently no exception handler
> at all.
>    The problem seems to be coming from the fact that
> GDB is closing some handles that it should not close
> according to the win32 API.
>    This is especially the case for the thread handles,
> that are normally closed by the system after
> events.
> This comes from Microsoft docs online:
> After the ContinueDebugEvent function succeeds, the specified thread
> continues. Depending on the debugging event previously reported by the
> thread, different actions occur. If the continued thread previously reported
> an EXIT_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT debugging event, ContinueDebugEvent closes the
> handle the debugger has to the thread. If the continued thread previously
> reported an EXIT_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT debugging event, ContinueDebugEvent
> closes the handles the debugger has to the process and to the thread.

This explanation fits so right to the symptons, that I can't see
how it can't be it.  :)

I've seen something of the sort in Windows CE.  There's currently this beauty
in gdbserver/win32-low.c:

#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
  /* On Windows CE this handle can't be closed.  The OS reuses
     it in the debug events, while the 9x/NT versions of Windows
     probably use a DuplicateHandle'd one.  */
  CloseHandle (pi.hThread);

Seems like it was another manifestation of the same API usage violation?

>   But I vaguely remember that those calls where added for some good
> reasons to the win32-nat.c source. Maybe the closing by the system
> is version dependent...

I remember reading something about having handles to the executable open
would prevent updating it in place?  Could it be that just fixing the
thread CloseHandles fixes the issue?

Pedro Alves

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