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Re: Debugging agent library

On 05/09/2013 03:41 AM, Suchakra Sharma wrote:
Thanks for your detailed reply. We were able to rectify the issue. We
tried with a clean install of gdb and libdagent on another machine which
did not show any issue. The problem was probably because we tinkered
around the dagent code a bit before using it. All works well now.


Indeed, dynamic tracing with GDB is getting more awesome day by day
(this view is reinforced by some tests I ran in-house which really show
how powerful and fast it is) A you know LTTng/UST already has quite fast
static tracing features, so our main aim is to get dynamic tracing
infrastructure of GDB in LTTng/UST for fast dynamic user space tracing
in an elegant way. We are not 100% clear how it shall be achieved at
this moment but we are exploring all avenues for now. At first glance it
looked as if we could  do it using this library coupled with GDB
(controlled through LTTng/UST acting as our tool). Your ideas are
welcome and we surely shall contribute once we get a good knack of how
to extend GDB's functionality for our use.

GDB/GDBserver is able to control UST static tracepoint through agent, but UST is 0.11 and URCU is 0.5.3, which is a little bit old. In UST 0.12 release, the GDB support is removed unfortunately. Probably you can have a look at testsuite/gdb.trace/strace.exp to see how GDB/GDBserver interact with UST static tracepoints.

Yao (éå)

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