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[Bug libc/2337] libio in wide mode deallocates user supplied buffer

------- Additional Comments From rsa at us dot ibm dot com  2006-10-06 06:00 -------
Created an attachment (id=1351)
 --> (
libio patch to prevent spurious deallocation of user supplied buffer.

Directing wide-character IO to use the user supplied buffer proved to be
problematic because the wide character operations make use of the non-wide
character buffer for write operations.

The least intrusive solution was to clean up the IO file finish path.  The wide
character jump vtable is initialized such that wide-character IO uses the
default (non-wide) _IO_file_finish() function (probably an oversight) which
invokes _IO_default_finish().  This ends up checking and clearing the non-wide
user buffer spuriously in _IO_new_fclose().

I created a wide-character oriented file finish function _IO_wfile_finish()
which calls the already existing _IO_wdefault_finish() function and I added it
to the wide IO jump table as the default IO file finish function.

This solved the problem and wide character IO now finishes in a manner
consistent with the IO orientation.

I've only tested this on PowerPC thus far.


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