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Re: stack overflow with hobbit

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Cramer <> writes:

    Chris> Hi

    Chris> When I compile this file:

    Chris> (display "Hello, world.")  (newline)

    Chris> Using either 'hob -o hello hello.scm' or 'hob -o hello
    Chris> --static hello.scm' or just about anything else I can think
    Chris> of, when I run the resulting executable, I get:

    Chris> ERROR: Stack overflow

    Chris> I'm running Debian potato, with guile 1.3.4 and libtool
    Chris> 1.3.3.

I can reproduce the problem here as well, you discovered a bug !!
Hobbit itself seems not at fault here, but rather the process to build
executable from compiled code.

Dynamic linking works fine:

$ hob -c test.scm


$ guile
;;; Be sure that the module '(hobbit4d link)' 
;;; can be accessed from guile
;;; by appending to %load-path in .guile, e.g.:
;;; (set! %load-path (cons "/export/home/urban/share/guile-hobbit"
;;;                       %load-path))
;;; (assert-repl-verbosity #t)
;;; (assert-load-verbosity #t)

guile> (use-modules (hobbit4d link))
;;; loading /export/home/urban/share/guile-hobbit/hobbit4d/link.scm
;;; 10  msec  (0 msec in gc)
guile> (hobbit-load-from-path "test")
;;; dynamic loading ././.libs/
Hello, world.
;;; 20  msec  (0 msec in gc)

You can use option --o-lib to specify an absolute 
directory where to install the library, which would 
be in most cases an element of %load-path. 

Thank you for reporting the bug.



B. Urban 

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