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Re: About modules

Marius Vollmer <> writes:

> we shouldn't need to talk about the concept of
> instantiable and parameterizable `units' that MzScheme has.  In my
> view, the issues addressed by units can be solved nicely with a
> combination of GOOPS and name spaces.  In effect, units have some of
> the characteristics of an object system, but we already have something
> better (GOOPS) which can be used instead.

yes, yes, and yes (oh, and yes).  echoes my thoughts, except you are
so much more coherent...

one thing I'd like to propose: what about getting the environments and
GOOPS into the core Guile?  like, now.  like, in a branch or
something.  it'll make the thinking/experimentation/playing vastly
easier for many people.

I'm hereby volunteering to try, unless any of the Powerful Ones

I should be able to start looking at it this weekend.  Jost, Mikael:
mail me any helpful suggestions you might have.

--mike, feeling like he nudges people again.

C program run -- Run program run -- Run, C program, Run! -- (please)

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