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Re: Why does the GC frees my function?

Miroslav Silovic <> a écrit :

> > Hum, I didn't found any function named scm_gc_protect. I tried with
> > other function like scm_gc_mark ou scm_object_protect but it doesn't
> > work.
> scm_protect_object.

I allready tried this one and it doesn't work. It seems that the
problem is not my hook but the lambda function added to it. As a
matter of fact, it seems that init_hook is not freed:

107       run_hook1 (init_hook, version); 
(gdb) p *init_hook
$5 = 66943
(gdb) n
ERROR: In procedure string-append:
ERROR: Wrong type argument: #<freed cell 0x401946b8; GC missed a reference>

(add-hook! init
 	   (lambda (str)
	      (string-append "Welcome to " str ".\n"))))

One of the operand of string-append is freed?
> It's in prefix/include/libguile/gc.h (reading headers is your friend :) )

Believe me, i've spent lots of time reading it :-)

ps: pour prouver que j'ai rien contre nos amies les linuxiennes je leur
fais un enormeeee bisou ;o)
-+- Daniel in Guide du linuxien pervers - "Le linuxien nouveau est arrivé"

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