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Re: (Meta) Guile and direction

Lalo Martins <> writes:

> Part I - about the syntax; I don't want a class-based object
> system and I have already stated this a willion times in this
> thread. I want a syntax that makes code smaller and easier for
> classheads to learn. Afterwards someone even told me CLOS
> _does_ have such a syntax, using a colon as delimiter (foo:bar)
> so I don't think it's so big a deal.

No, that is not a CLOSism, that : and :: syntax is for referencing
symbols in other packages.  It has nothing to do with objects,
chaining references or anythig like that.

> It's easy to think "damn this guy is nuts, of course Guile has
> a direction, I wish he'd just shut up". Ok, if you think Guile
> "obviously" has a direction already, please post a reply to the
> list telling people what direction is that in your opinion and
> watch as most of the others disagree.

(S)He who writes code...

Craig Brozefsky                      <>
Free Scheme/Lisp Software
"Hiding like thieves in the night from life, illusions of 
oasis making you look twice.   -- Mos Def and Talib Kweli

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