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FREE STUFF everyone can use to enjoy the internet more


Okay, you're probably tried of paying for hosting company just to host your small business web site or even your personal web site. And setting up those email accounts can be a pain in the... well, you know. Guess what, we're your solution, offers FREE Hosting, FREE web mail accounts that are created in literally less than 1 minute! Yeah, I know what your saying, "what makes your service any different than the others?". Well, for starters we actually have tech support for our free service, and as we grow, we'll hire more "techies" for your convience. What else you may ask? You know how some URL addresses get as long as the dictionary? Like Well, again, we're your solution. We have URL Redirection; what is that you ask? Well, instead of having that monster URL there you can have something like:

WOW!!! Much shorter huh? And we have three options of placing ads on your site, and if your hosted on our serve already, you don't even have to place any ads!

Don't waste time, sign up now before all the great names are taken.

See ya there!

MadBot Staff

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