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Re: guile and apache

David Lutterkort <> writes:

> If you want/need the usual fast interpreter-embedded-in-apache solution,
> you are currently out of luck: AFAIK, it is presently not possible to write
> a mod_guile for apache, because guile wants to take over the application
> for garbage collection purposes, which apache doesn't like. There was
> somebody working on this some time ago but I don't think that that work is
> finished yet. Check the mailing list archives.

I guess that's me...  mod_guile was here some time ago, but a few
API changes, and too many lines to "fix", i stopped the
development and wait for at least the (for me) important
First-Class-Environments (i'd use them for secure (sandboxed) CGI
scripts).  So, i sit here.  I think i'll be lucky soon, and i'll
try to get mod_guile working ASAP.

Btw, just as a side note from a developer: It would be very nice
if, when proposing changes in the API, someone could at least
implement stubs so one can switch to the new style early.  It's
definitively a bad thing if you *know* you'll need to redo your
current code Real Soon Now.  And it doesn't help that it's not
decided for sure yet...  (yes, for those still wondering, i was
talking about the planned i18n changes...)

It's nice to see the many improvements guile went through in the
past few months.  Good hacking, i hope to contribute soon :)
        -- forcer

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 (irc   . "forcer@#StarWars (IRCnet)") (gpg . "/other/forcer.gpg"))

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