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Re: More screen shots...

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Fernando Nasser wrote:

> Several GUIs have a menu where the user can specify what are the bars that
> should be displayed.  IMO this is not ideal as someone that don't read the
> documentation (99.9% of the users) may not locate the needed controls that
> immediately.  Nevertheless is a common practice and allows the user to
> customize the interface to the specific needs.

Hmm... I am typically opposed to (overly) configurable toolbars. I thiink
that they are just a waste of effort. Typically, the only customization
that I do to toolbars is to take a lot of the silly crap away (a la
Microsoft Word and the VC++ debugger).

However, I can see that _I_ would seldom use the thread selection and
probably not the stack selection, but that's because I don't do a whole
lot of multi-threaded debugging anymore.

I can see that it would be useful to allow the user to select what he
wants on the toolbar w.r.t. stack buttons or comoboxes. I think users
might appreciate this. This is one of those things, IMO, that users will
use once and forget about. It is also one of those cosmetic things,
though, that users may love.

> If we named the source control bar (file, function and mode; and perhaps find),
> another context control bar (with thread and stack level) -- or mayb even have
> the last ones separate -- we can add a "Show" main menu where these bars can
> be checked and unchecked (shown/not shown).
> What do you think?

I think you've finally given us an excuse to put in an Edit menu or
something, which can also hold the menu item to do the Search/Find from
the source window! :-)

We should also take this opportunity to move the preferences there, too.
(Edit->Preferences... seems to be quite common nowadays.)


Copy        ^C
Cut ??????????
Paste ????????
Find...     ^F
Find Again  ^G

Maybe. Man, I gotta get BLT going. Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of the
preference dialogs in favor of a tree? :-)


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