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Re: DLLs and Insight...

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Ian Roxborough wrote:

> I'm wondering about debugging inside a DLL loaded into an application.
> I'm getting a little closer to the Windows crashing problems, but I
> can't see an debug symbols or sources when I'm debugging inside the
> Tk DLL.  The stack shows "???" as calls into the Tk DLL.

Are you stepping into the function or setting a breakpoint at a function?
You could be stuck in prologue or something.

> I'm not sure if I've mis-compiled Tk some how, or if there is a
> trick to loading the DLL into Insight after you start debugging
> the application.  Any clues?

To check if you are using a DLL with no debug info, you should open a
console window and type "info func TK_FUNC", where TK_FUNC is the name of
any Tk function in the dll. If it comes up as "non-debugging symbols",
you'll know that you've got no debugging on the DLL. You should also make
sure that Tk is compiled without -O2.

Otherwise, DLLs should just work. I've never had to do anything special
for them.

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