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Re: remote target => putpkt: write failed: Permission denied.

Grant Edwards wrote:
> arm-elf-gdb
> Cygwin/WinNT
> remote target @ 57600
> I'm using Insight 5.0 with an ARM7 board running gdb stubs.
> Everything works fine if I run "-nw", but with the GUI enabled,
> I can't even connect.  When I do a "target remote COM1"


You should not be connecting from the simulated console, specially
in the 5.0 (old) version.

Use the GUI menus to connect.  There is a Target dialog for you
to configure how and to where you want to connect and also
menu options for connecting, disconnecting etc.

In the recent snapshots, after Keith's latest rewrites, it is
possible that this kind of command issued from the Console Window 
properly notify the rest of the GUI (I'm not sure though), but in
the version you are using it will just confuse it.


> I get the error:
>   (gdb) target remote COM1
>   Couldn't establish conenction to remote target
>   putpkt: write failed: Permission denied.
>   Remote debuggin using COM1
>   (gdb)
> After that, nothing that accesses the target will work.
> Any clues?

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat - Toronto                       E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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