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small bug in memory window


we noticed a small bug in Insight's memory window: when the
display format is changed, (from "Word" to "Byte", for example),
the address displayed resets back to the default (which is
usually the start of the .data section).

I looked at the code in memwin.itb, and the reason seems obvious:
the member variable MemWin::addr_exp is never updated (after being
initialized to .data). MemWin::reconfig, which is called after 
a format change, uses this value, and therefore resets the address
to the default.

A simple one-line change fixes this; I include a small patch below.
BTW: this was Insight from gdb-6.1, but memwin.itb apparently hasn't 
changed since then.

Best Regards
Dieter Ruppert

*** memwin.itb          Wed Jul  6 11:04:41 2005
---      Wed Jul  6 11:06:34 2005
*** 512,517 ****
--- 512,519 ----
      incr index -1
      set current_addr [string range $current_addr 0 $index]
+   set MemWin::addr_exp $addr_exp
    # set table background
    $itk_component(table) config -bg $::Colors(textbg) -state normal

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