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Re: Insight Snap Shot

Keith Seitz wrote:

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 17:40 +0100, Richard Tierney wrote:

Steven Johnson wrote:

Building on what was discussed before.

I have (sitting on my HDD) an Insight snapshot from CVS insight-6.3.50-20050609.tar.bz2

I would like to put it somewhere official as a convenience for people to use, instead of CVS. It has had a number of fixes/improvements over the previous official release, and builds for me (tested only with a PowerPC embedded target). I would then like to cut a new snapshot, leading up to an official insight-6.4 release in synch with GDB as improvements dictate. The idea of the snapshots is to get as wide an audience as possible for testing leading up to an official 6.4 version.

I'd like this if possible - did you get anywhere with finding a home for it? I can't find it on either or

The sourceware gods have given us a place to put stuff: pub/insight. We can do whatever we want with it.

I'll start the whole thing off by doing a snapshot. Probably won't be
doing diffs or anything like that to start with, but at least a snapshot
every Monday.

For the most part, I guess I'll follow the gdb snapshot conventions.
I've put a weekly snapshot based this morning's sources in

Unfortunately, they don't build because of a build problem in BFD.

Im out of my office till next week, but im working on an update to the insight website which will point to these snapshots. Also, I can make my previous snapshot available, it does build (probably cut before the problem with BFD). Which may be useful for those who want a late version of the code, but want it to build also, at least until BFD is fixed at some time in the future. Im expecting to have this update ready next week.


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