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Re: Insight stalls when running program

Im sorry, but you havent really given us a lot to go by to answer your question.

1. What version of Insight?
2. Did you build it? Or was it pre-installed?
3. Is it a local program or remote?
4. What OS? Windows? Linux? What version, etc.
5. How did you build your program? What compiler did you use?

Im sure there are a lot more things the people of this list who can answer your problem may need to know, but these are the basics. Without these, any answer would be just idle speculation at best.

I know this isnt the answer you were after, but please help us help you.

Steven Johnson

Jesper Klitgaard wrote:


I now got Insight up and running.

I load a simple executable in to the program;

    1    #include <stdio.h>
    2    #include <stdlib.h>
    3       4    void f1()
-    5    {
-    6        printf("Function 1\n");
-    7    }
    8       9    int main()
-    10    {
-    11        int i = 5;
-    12        printf("Hello world!\n");
-    13        f1();
    14           -    15        i += 5;
    16       -    17        return 0;
-    18    }

When I press run, Insight stalls. I have to force quit the program because its not responding.

Does anybody have any idea whats wrong?

Jesper Klitgaard

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