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RE: insihgt GUI didn't update


I add more descriptions here with my problem:

After I hit "run" and the target stopped at the breakpoint, the source
line is highlighted correctly in the source window, but all items under
"Control" are grayed out in the GUI.

I can only use "run" button, not other run controls.

But I can step or continue from the console window, still these buttons
are grayed.

Please kindly point me when these menu items and tool bar are get
update, and which tcl function does this job? I am definitely not TCL/TK
expert, spent quite a while to figure it, and still no clues.

Your help is appreciated.


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Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 6:28 PM
Subject: insihgt GUI didn't update


I add a new processor in the targetselection.itb as the following:

 set gdb_target(nuon,pretty-name) "NUON"
 set gdb_target(nuon,defbaud) ""
 set gdb_target(nuon,baud-rates) {}
 set gdb_target(nuon,cmd) "nuon"
 set gdb_target(nuon,runlist) {0 0 1 0}
 set gdb_target(nuon,options) ""
 set gdb_target(nuon,after_attaching) {}

I got problems using my local insight:

I set a breakpoint and hit the "run" button from the GUI, the target
actually stopped at the breakpoint correctly, but the insight GUI didn't
get updated, for example, "Step", "Next", "Finish" and "Continue" are
all grayed still. 

Do you have ideas why this happened?



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